Your career growth is counting on you

Our career projections, no matter how ambitious, can be turned into a reality.

The manifestation thereof majorly depends on you, not the economy, not the job market, not background. The real question is “are you growing”?. How do I mean?

Let me explain it through a small story. I belong to a group where jobs are regularly posted, one member complained of not getting any jobs despite being “qualified” for the said jobs. I wrote a long epistle to reply him and explain some of these things to him. To paraphrase my reply. I asked him if he has seen the CV of other qualified candidates in his field. He said no. I asked what supporting certificate he had from reputable training institutes, he said none. I shared with him my experience some years back when I applied for a teaching position at a school. With my National Diploma and teaching experience, technically, I “qualify” for the position. On getting to the premises, the gatemen told me that while I was free to submit my CV with them, one of them told me that I should not count on it, but rather, I should keep submitting to other places. I asked why was that, he opened the applicant list and showed me dozens of master’s degree holders I was up against. I thanked him and left.

Now, while Master’s or extra certificates do not guarantee jobs or clearly mean one to be the better candidate, the point here is the extent that people go to stand a chance at succeeding at their chosen careers. I recall when I started digital marketing newly. I recall how some of my friends would have this sense of superiority after I ask them questions on the subject. However, they never knew that while they laughed, I continued learning, expanding my knowledge in the field. Most of them, believing that they have already arrived, stopped learning. They could not believe their ears a few months afterward seeing the things I build, jobs done, and my overall core competencies in digital marketing.

The point I am making is this, most people rest or relax way before they reach the finish line. We crown ourselves champions in our minds and practically rest there. Yet we wonder why bigger doors of opportunities are not opening up. We wonder why we don’t get those jobs that we feel that we “qualify” for. Don’t be deceived, people are making conscious efforts to upskill themselves. I don’t mean this only for those who are job hunting, this applies to those who are already in paid employment. There is more, you just got to press for it if you must hit it. The opportunities you want won’t lower its standards to meet up with you. Rather, you need to upskill yourself more to meet-up with it.

Whatever your field, ask people, Google it to find other competencies you need to function at higher levels in that field. Intentionally take action to acquire those core and complementary competencies. There is an abundance of materials, books, seminars, mentors etc that will help you achieve these goals. Your career growth is counting on you, hope you take up the challenge.

Source: PulseNG

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