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The popular actor Yoruba Nollywood, Ola Omonitan, also known as Adimajasan, is dead.

The actor died early in the morning on October 18, 2018 at the age of 80.

The first daughter of the actor and the eldest child, Adjika confirmed the news in a telephone conversation City people,

"Good morning my brother my dad is gone he died this morning, "Said Ajike.

According to the City people, Adzhimajasan was admitted to a university college hospital, where it was discovered that he suffered from enlarged heart, spinal cord problems and prostate cancer.


Ajimajasan (TheNationNigeria)

He was, however, discharged from the hospital at the beginning of the week before he moved on Thursday.

Adjimajasan will be remembered for his role in the TV series “Bata Vakhal”, which plays the main role.

He also has several films in his honor, one of which isOmi Okun".

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Late Baba Sala (TheNet)

Baba Sala is declared dead at the age of 83A veteran actor, singer and comedian born Moses Adeyumo, but is widely referred to as Baba Sala – a character he once played in one of his many productions.

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Late Baba Sala (press)

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