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Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed says that Nigeria receives global attention due to the incorruptible leadership of President Muhammad Bukhari.

The minister said this on Sunday, when he appeared as a guest in the program for the management of television in Nigeria "Stepping Up".

«What we have observed recently, there is no doubt that today Nigeria is the destination of investors.

"Last week, we received British Prime Minister Teresa Mai. During the visit, several bilateral agreements were signed.

"On Friday of the same week, we received German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Also, several bilateral agreements were signed

"World leaders come to Nigeria because this government provides good leadership in the areas of security and infrastructure.

"The world view of the government is that it provides an incorruptible leadership, a government with which you can conduct business, without fear."

"Only in one year we climbed 24 steps up the ladder of ease of doing business.

"That's all they saw, which attracted them to the cone for partners and investments."

The minister said that the three cardinal goals governing the success of the administration, "Focus, discipline and integrity"

"We did not invent the Treasury Unified Account (TSA), but we are an administration that is disciplined enough to ensure that all government revenues go to the TSA.

"It really helped. Until now, the funds owned by the government were in thousands of bank accounts, and as a result we paid a lot of bank payments on the accounts.

"In the old system, the government could not have a holistic view of how much it had a fund, which made planning difficult.

"Today, every government pension is paid to the TSA. It really helped," he said.

The minister recalled that the administration at the initial stage was badly affected by the fall in oil prices.

He said with discipline, concentration and integrity, the administration was able to pull the nation out of a recession.

Mohammed said that he signed the directive of the National Executive Committee of APC that the process of selecting a candidate for the presidency of the party should be a direct primaries.

He said that direct primaries will allow all party members in all corners and back streets of the country to choose their leader.

Mohammed noted that there was a lot of hype from the escape storm, especially with regard to his home state, Kvar.

"Yes, we lost some people who left with the President of the Senate, Bucharest, Saraka, as governor of the state and 23 of the 24 members of the Assembly House.

"But the good news is that APC has acquired a massive character. Many PDP members who could not stand in the same party with Saraki do not get to APC.

"The most important thing is that the people of Quara are very much with us, and I am sure that 2019 will come, we will win mass in Kvara state" he said.

As for the fake news phenomenon, the minister said that this is a global epidemic that "does not stop at all, and our own determination to resist it also does not cease"

He confirmed that the government decided not to coerce or censor, but to continue propaganda and depend on the doctors' conscience.

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