Wink Wink…Tonto Dikeh –


Ever been on a date, and you just feel that everything seems to be going straight, then you are just unconsciously winking at your partner, because the moment feels good?

Errr … in case you have not experienced anything like this, it does not matter, however, in our photo of that day, we have a great Tonto Dikeh, winking at you and, of course, transmitting the message.

Take it to the bank guys, Tonto Dike has an amazing smile that just gives it away. Her smile can melt many hearts. Ignore all the arguments that followed the beautiful actress in the last two years, she really is a beautiful woman

We hope that this photo will bring a little sunshine to everyone who meets her today. Tonto Dikeh has a lot of photos that we loved and shared over the past few months, but we really liked that she was seen in a kiss with her father.

Do not get carried away, it was a platonic kiss from her father's daughter, and she continued to praise him for being an exemplary dad for many years.

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