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This is no longer news. Genevieve Nnaji signed a representation agreement with United Talent Agency, UTA, the same agent used by Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

However, only some of Genevievecolleagues and fans have a clear idea of ​​what movement means to her.

This is actually a big deal. And this is a step in the right direction for an actress who recently dubbed the clothes of a film director in a film,Lion Heart".

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An international agency is essential for entering the global market.

The appearance of a deal with an international agency has become necessary for Genevieve Nnajiwhich focuses on taking Nollywood into the world.

Each created global artist or actor has a representative who in most cases is an established agency.

Genevieve's first feature film as a producer, Road To Yesterday, helped her test the possibilities of entering the world market.

With the film she studied quite a lot of experience in the field of filmmaking, and she exhibited with her second feature film, where she acted as the lead role, director and co-producer of the film.

One of the lessons was attractive to an international audience with a local product with a global appeal.

Genevieve signs contract with Angelina Jolie, agent Johnny Depp

Genevieve Nnaji signs a contract with an agency representing Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. (Tiff)

True, her new feature film, The Heart of the Lion was acquired by Netflix,

Why United Talent Agency, UTA

Fans and colleagues will wonder why the United Talent Agency, when Genevieve could easily choose a regular agency to represent her.

The deal with UTA is mainly intended for presentation in film, television and production.

Aside from the fact that UTA is the birthplace of famous Hollywood stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Channing Tatum, Nicholas Hoult, Ewan McGregor and Kim Soo HyunThe agency is one of the 10 largest agencies in the world.

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UTA is one of the largest talent agencies in the world, representing many of the most famous figures in the world in every modern and developing field of entertainment and media, including cinema, television, music, digital news, news, books, theater, video games, visual art and entertainment.

The agency is also recognized worldwide in the field of packaging films, films, branding, licensing, approval and presentation of production talents.

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