Why did Club America lose 3-0 against Atlas and what happened to the goals scored?


Club America beat Atlas 2-0 in Matchday 7 thanks to goals from Henry Martin and Richard Sanchez, however, on February 22, the Mexican Football Federation announced that Las Aguilas would be subject to an administrative sanction and would lose the match 0-3.

The sanction comes from ‘improper line-up’ of the team due to the presence of Federico Vinas, who, despite not playing a minute of the match, performed warm-up exercises both before the match and at half time.

According to the Mexican Football Federation, the player wasn’t registered on the team sheet that the officials must have before the game, thus violating the regulations and rendering the game abandoned, ending in defeat for Club America.

Upon resolving the matter, the goals scored by Club America will be erased from each record: both the league table and the individual scoring table.

Atlas rise in the table thanks to the extra three points given to them and the five-goal difference swing, with the three goals not being assigned to any player.

Source: Marca.com

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