Welcome A Judas Into Your Life – AND Step Up To Greater Success


“Et tu Brutus?!” Caesar's famous exclamation is one of the classic examples of how great people reacted to the discovery of treason by those close to him. In my personal opinion, I believe that to endure the betrayal of our closest allies, friends, relatives, etc., and to continue, despite this, to achieve our important goals in life, is the best way to succeed.

Until you manage to cope with this situation, you probably will never be able to know exactly how strong you are or how much you really want to succeed. This article provides ideas for the interested person on how to turn this type of situation into his / her advantage.

Have you ever had “Judas” in your life?

Have you ever contacted certain people whom you later found out and learned, were in the habit of giving out your personal information or even telling what you consider confidential or “secret” to others they knew about you, you didn’t approved?

Some will do this in order to gain the favor of those to whom they conveyed the information. Others can do this so that you can spite you – for example, they may think that they need to knock you down because they (what they think) are “too proud” or “self-confident”.

Have you ever discovered that some person to whom you were allowed to approach you / trusted, was wanted to know your trust, and then betray you to those who "sent" him / her? It happens all the time – especially between people or groups that compete with each other. Individuals and large corporations, nations, etc. All play this game in one form or another. This article provides ideas for the interested person on how to turn this type of situation into his / her advantage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot consciously compete with anyone. However, those who are watching you may feel that what you are doing affects them in one way or another. This can make them decide that YOU are their competition. It makes you a goal! How do you deal with a situation when it develops? Read about some ideas.

Welcome to “JUDAS” in your life! (Tm)

Let me do something that should (hopefully) be a humorous addition to this chapter, which can make it easier for you to fully understand what I am preaching here. Think of Judas in the story of Jesus in the Bible. Judas did not say that he was chosen to betray Jesus. Read this story and you will find that it has been said that Judas was "chosen."

In life, you can choose every person who decides to play an “antagonist,” “critic,” or “enemy” as “unfortunate Judah” in your own life, who is destined to help you achieve another level of success or greatness, although one or more acts betrayal "!

Now, I will tell you that, in my experience, this is indeed the case. And many times I personally discovered that “Judas” in my life at any given time usually lives or works in close proximity to me, which makes it impossible for me to avoid him / her! As a result, I have to find a way to communicate with a person without compromising my position.

Your Judas will not be your “friend”, but he / she can help you GROWTH!

The truth, based on the above, about the individual described events – this is the event that they found out to be your "friends", their actions were not the ones that the friend accepted. In fact, they were more compatible with what the “enemy” would do!

So what do you do when you recognize them? I say it depends on the circumstances. In my other articles entitled “Do you know how to deal with those who scoff and send you?” And “Why can you rejoice when others mock you?” I asked the reader to consider limiting his / her contact with persons who have taken a negative attitude of ridicule and ridicule at him or her.

However, in this article I mean persons who have committed themselves to go against you – not only to mock, mock and mock, but also to cause you or harm you. Such people would be correctly described as enemies. But instead of running away from them or hiding, I want to ask you to see them very useful!

Dalai Lama thinks we need enemies

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibet, who (I understand) has been in exile for several decades, starting with the Chinese occupation of his country. There is a quote I read somewhere, credited to this great sage, that I personally found quite instructive:


"Enemies test our ability to feel compassion and strengthen us"- Dalai Lama.


Dalai Lama is right

I think we need “enemies” or antagonists in our life. They help us keep our heads off the clouds, and thereby help us to remain “people”, especially when we are successfully moving forward, pursuing our magnificent obsessions! (To find out what I mean by “Magnificent Obsession,” read the article version of my 113-page self-help guide entitled “Ten ways to use self-development to create the future you want.”)

Personally, I will “worry” if everyone around me says that I like them, and I never encounter someone who feels or acts differently. I once heard that he said that "a small dose of paranoia is healthy." I want to say that it would be crazy for everyone to expect everyone else to want it. I said it before, and I say it again: there will always be people who will not like you (or will not want to work or cooperate with you). You MUST prepare – and learn – to deal with such people.

In addition, I believe that we need periodic "tests" of our abilities, created by those people who refuse to "like" us and who are hard for us. Just imagine if you liked everything and always gave you an easy move. Imagine if everyone said that you were their favorite, and there was not a single person who expressed doubts about you, or was cynical about what you could or could not do (?).

What if we stop having bad people or bad things in this world?

Maybe I will take it a little further – what if we suddenly stop having “bad people” or “bad things” happening in the world? Would it be rather boring and easy to continue living here would it not? We are blocking our cars, because someone can get easy access if we don’t. We look at what we say, because a mischievous person can communicate to others when we say things that are not quite “good” in them.

Simply put, “bad” people — or the possibility of a bad accident — keep us alert and “on our fingers.” It is this very consciousness that makes us teach our children what they need to do in order to stay safe and get rid of trouble when they are outside of us. Without the knowledge gained from previous so-called “bad” experiences in society, we would not be wiser about how to live in this world – less talk about being able to give advice to our children – isn’t it?

Now a person who constantly antagonizes us may eventually push us to the moment when we actually develop a strong hostility (or hatred) for him. The Dalai Lama, however, challenges us NOT to treat such feelings for anyone, even when it is he who obviously pleases us with pain or discomfort. The irony is that most religions do advocate this philosophy for believers and YET to accept, many believers find that they are often unable to really practice it!

What for? Because they are people, and in fact they bring tremendous efforts and commitment to maintain compassion for people who make it difficult for us or do not like us! It is easier, for example, to read a part of the Bible, where the believer will be asked to “turn the other cheek over,” than to actually do what he says. I am sure that many who read the previous statement will understand what I mean. When it comes to “doing,” many people “struggle.”


The secret to mastering the art of feeling compassion for our “enemies” or “antagonists” is to ALWAYS remember this: without the “threat” of a bad thing or a person approaching to harm us, we are most likely in whom we lose control over what we already have under control. Think about sports – the team or the person who usually wins is not necessarily the one who scores first. No, this is often the one who is in the lead, then the STAYS ALERT – and hinders – all attempts by the opponent to equalize before the end of the game!

As I said earlier, the Dalai Lama is right, because ALWAYS, at the end of it all – maybe when I move on, I found that I became stronger because of the constant presence of my Judas. Some typical benefits include increased “mental endurance”, “thickened skin”, “self-control”, etc. This was my personal experience. I am sure you will find that yours will be like (or better) if you take this philosophy to your "enemies" or "antagonists."

"To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and attachment to children, to earn the recognition of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, appreciate beauty, find the best in others, leave the world. A bit better, be it a healthy child, a patch for the garden or a restored social condition; To know that even one life made your breathing easier because you live. It succeeded!"- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So are you ready to welcome Judah in your life today? This could be the beginning of your rise to a new level of personal success!


Source by Tayo Solagbade

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