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In recent years, the marketing communications industry has been on an upward growth trajectory. The industry recorded an influx of young and promising professionals with a variety of ideas about how to conduct marketing communications on different communication platforms.

Gelmine Consulting Limited is one such company. A young, thriving marketing consulting company in communications and event management, which for the last six (6) years has sold and organized the Banana Island Cultural Festival.

To find out more about the company and what projects they have been performing for many years, we talked with Jasmine N. Onyemachi, managing partner / CEO of Gelmine Consulting Limited.

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What does Gelmine Consulting represent or do in the economy of Nigeria?

Gelmine Consulting was created by the need to attract high-quality branding and marketing communication for business. I came out because I noticed that quite a few practitioners in this industry provide minimal quality for excessive fees, in addition to the fact that they do not give customers valuable brand management how to develop their business.

Gelmine is a consulting firm that helps design and create visibility for businesses and includes creating a corporate identity, ensuring consistency in communication materials, increasing brand awareness (website, social media platforms, corporate profiles), etc. We cooperate with our customers into brands.

Give us a little insight into Gelmine Consulting Limited and your aspirations for the company?

In 2006, Gelmine Consulting was born to revolutionize the ideology of brand and event consulting in Nigeria. We aim to take the brand and event management to a new level. In Gelmine we have a “joint strategy”. In short, this means: we strive to become the best company to create meaningful connections between people and brands through creativity, media and innovation, to inspire focus on brand, recognition and business growth.

This is all that makes me every day! And this is the spirit that I want to create in our agency. With the exception of customers, our employees are important to me. It is my duty that they are busy, happy and have a long-term perspective in our agency. It is my job to give them the opportunity for personal growth, so that they can grow further and have everything they need to do excellent work.

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Could you describe the typical work day for you?

As the owner of the company and the chief executive officer, two days do not remain the same. I spend time analyzing financial and budget information (boring but important). I interact with clients, by email, by phone and at meetings. I write a copy and develop campaign ideas. We have joint meetings on client strategies and creative work. I work closely with my employees with both account management and the creative side of business.

What is most important for you when it comes to everyday business and what you value most?

Hmm, this is a very good question. In addition to the normal “madness of the agency”, for me personally it is very important that we act as entrepreneurs: we are innovative, accountable, cooperative and loyal, and, finally, not least generous.

What are the hottest advertising trends? Have you entered the key in them?

Following global trends in the industry, social networks, search engine optimization, advertising per click, and online videos are the most popular trends in advertising. Information democracy is now a market. Blogger, disgruntled consumers, product enthusiasts and information seekers. Anyone with an Internet connection can help or hinder consumer brands. Almost everyone is chatting on Facebook, Tweeting, uploading to YouTube, blogs, etc. As an agency, we have fully embraced the era of social networking. We are engaged and we use it as an effective marketing tool for our clients.

With back to back Banana Island Cultural Festival for six (6) years, do you look at doing the same for other similar communities?

We really accepted the idea of ​​a festival in Victoria Garden City (VGC) and we recently performed it. To be specific, we organized the first cultural carnival in the city of Victoria Garden, where cultural expositions from most Nigerian communities living in the VGC were presented. The event, which was sponsored by Multichoice Nigeria, PWAN, Coscharis group, among other things, provided guests with the opportunity to try different foods from different states in Nigeria, as well as experience the cultural diversity that exists in the VGC community.

Speaking of entrepreneurship, Nigeria today needs more female entrepreneurs and SMEs to boost its economy. What advice do you have for women in this regard?

I am pleased with recent events in this country, as women are starting to speak in the field of politics, business, investment and other women's rights and opportunities, and now they are speaking. Today, they advocate for various courses, and for me it is a discovery for women to start returning their votes.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy fate. This is what you prepare with your thinking and psyche, because you will encounter problems that need to be overcome in order to achieve your goal. I always recommend that integrity be paramount in everything you do. Let people rush and recommend you based on opportunity, integrity and approach to work. Once you achieve this, it is easy to move in society.

Today, the business world is more connected to the network, and the networks you create should be able to positively evaluate your service offerings. These positive certifications lead to recommendations and an increase in the number of clients for your business. This is my recommendation to every woman who wants to become an entrepreneur. Ensure the integrity of your watchdog.

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