We bring to you Davido’s NYSC camp diary day 15 –

Currently, Davido is in the Lagos State Camp for orientation in the National Youth Service Corps, where he will stay for three weeks.

Well, we all know that it can be impossible or terrific, but trust us, as we will give you the daily activities of the musical star of Nigeria.

So, the guys here are a detailed schedule of your favorite musical star in NYSC camp.

Day 1: The singer poses with NYSC sets

Davido goes to NYSC camp

Davido goes to NYSC camp

(Instagram / DavidoOfficial)

Many people did not even suspect that Davido was going to the NYSC camp, as he kept it with his fans, which is very unusual. However, on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, we saw Davido dressed in traditional NYSC kits heading for the camp. Later we learned that he would serve in the Lagos camp.

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Day 2 – Davido goes for registration

Well, the guys for those who thought that Davido, who appeared on social networks, was probably a video trick, so you were wrong when he went to the NYSC office the next day, where he registered for a one-year orientation program. Even officials in the camp could not hide their excitement when they took turns taking pictures with a musical star.

Day 3 – Davido causes excitement in the camp

Arrival of David in camp NYSC

Arrival of David in camp NYSC

Obviously, this should have happened, since it is not surprising that the transfer of the singer to the camp caused a serious wave. On Thursday, August 30, 2018, he went to his Instagram page, where he shared photos and videos in the camp. Guys, it was crazy, because everyone in the camp wanted to see firsthand the goldfish in the pond.

Day 4 Davido may have left the camp

Guys, we all know that David was not going to stay in the camp for three weeks. Despite the fact that it is still unclear whether he is in the camp, it seems that the insanity over his course of the NYSC has somewhat decreased. Nevertheless, we have a beautiful photo of the singer cooled in the studio, with his NYSC sets, and you will like it.

Day 5: He must earn money … you know

What did you all think, guys? Davido was going to be in the camp for three weeks! Well, let's all face it, the musical star must earn money and please his fans around the world. Davido is currently in Boston, Massachusetts which will become part of its tourist cities in the United States that it will touring.

Day 6 – Tour continues

Today is Sunday, and if you were privileged to attend a mandatory three-week orientation camp, yhou'd knew how boring it is happening on this day. However, Davido is not currently in camp, as he is currently in the United States of America touring certain cities. The musical star constantly updates fans, as he shared a video from his concert today on Sunday September 2, 2018.

Day 7 – This is a common thing

When we say that this is a common thing, we are talking about traveling through the city to another. Aha! Davido will officially begin his "The Locked Up" tour in the US, which will see a music star visit in seven cities. So, you know, the singer also time-out in a video call with his daughters. For the guys at NYSC, you'll have to wait a while to see David in the camp.


At today's dairy plant in the NYSC camp, we would like to inform you that the singer is still in the United States, far from Iyana IpayaWe already know that he is touring in some US cities, including New York city. So, let's just say that Davido will be in New York, taking part in the three-week orientation of the NYSC program … you see rhythms! Lol … I have good guys, from your really, dear diary.

Day 9 – The famous interview

It's a 9-year-old Davido day at the NYSC, guys, but the truth is that the musical star is not there doing good music or touring cities in the United States, but this time he provides exclusive interviews. Davido was the master of the popular Breakfast Club from Sharaman Tágod and DJ Envy where he talked about his career, growth and future. Do not worry, guys, Davido will be back in camp soon … errr … do not pin your hopes on anything.

Day 10 – I could not find my pen

Day 11 – It's Fry! The camp misses Davido

It's Friday, and we can all imagine the positive energy around each NYSC camp, the restaurants cashing out, the guys meeting with the new ladies, and finally, the Lagos camp is missing Davido! Well, Davido is still not in the country and obviously will not be in camp today, so let's hope that the corpers who may have already set up after his absence find something exciting to do tonight … not boring !!!

Day 15 – Davido returns to Nigeria!

Well, my people, we regret that we went to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for several days, someone was probably under the weather. We are glad that we have returned, and the good news is that Davido will soon return to Nigeria. Well, he announced on his Instagram page that he would attend the political rally of his uncle, exhibited this week. Therefore, we pray after the rally, he will stop at the camp (Lol). Well, just wait and see how this weekend will be Davido.

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