We are ready to support more Nigerian farmers – Netherlands - Business

We are ready to support more Nigerian farmers – Netherlands – Business


The Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands to Nigeria, Mr. Michelle Dehelen, on Friday expressed his government's readiness to support more Nigerian farmers to increase food production in the country.

Deelen gave a promise at a networking event for journalists in Lagos at a conference of Dutch roots recently organized by the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAD).

The deputy ambassador and head of the Netherlands representation in Lagos also confirmed the commitment of the Dutch government to supporting Nigeria in increasing the production of milk and other dairy products.

"We are indeed ready to support smaller and medium-sized Nigerian farmers in increasing their food production, especially in dairy farming.

"We are ready to increase our productivity. We are going to conduct a study on how best to help these Nigerian farmers.

"We are also considering the possibility of introducing a seed improvement project to improve the use of improved seeds by Nigerian farmers,& # 39; & # 39; he said.

Dilen said that his office also decided to invite various agricultural experts from the Netherlands to train farmers in various parts of Nigeria in order to expand food production.

The deputy ambassador added that his home government had held talks with President Muhammad Bukhari on how to increase milk production in Nigeria.

According to Diehlen, plans are being developed to encourage more young Nigerians in agriculture, and to expand exchanges between Nigerian farmers and their Dutch counterparts."We need to establish a better situation, according to which Nigerian farmers are better informed about how best to influence the increase in food production in Nigeria."

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