Wall Street analysts tore down a Tesla Model 3 and found ‘significant fit & finish issues’ (TSLA) – Finance

  • Model 3 Tesla knocked out its electric competition from Chevrolet and BMW when it came to powertrain and electronics.
  • But when it comes to the end and ends, UBS analysts said that the car had serious problems with production.
  • Engineers in the gap found missing bolts, weakened tolerances, uncoordinated welds and much more.
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UBS published the final round of its full break and analysis tesla Model 3 to compare it with the competition.

Despite winning the first two laps – The power unit and electronics – the bank said that the latest Elon Musk sedan took the last place for the Chevy Bolt and the BMW i3 when it came to the build quality.

"Our mind experts noted the numerous quality problems of Model 3, including inconsistent blanks and flashes throughout the car, missing bolts, loose tolerances and uneven and uncoordinated spot welds," wrote a team of analysts led by Colin Langan on Thursday for clients .

"The car scored" below average "on the out-of-the-finish and finish qualitative audit, which looked at delays measurement> 1, 500," Colin Langan "UBS wrote in a note to customers. "The team also found that the sound of the body wind was" acceptable for the boundaries. "

"The results confirm media reports about quality problems and disappoint the car costing $ 49,000," UBS said.

They also will not be easy fixes, added UBS, especially when it comes to structural issues that create excessive noise.

Having talked with production experts and former Tesla employees, the bank said: "Many of the problems are related to the basics of stamping the parts of the frame or attaching them, which requires considerable investment and closing time for correction."

This verdict comes at a time when Tesla rushes to build enough cars to become profitable. The company built a whole The assembly line in the tent near its main plant in Fremont, California, as at the end of June he increased production of 5,000 cars a week. The documents seen by the Business Insider showed approximately 4,300 of the required significant work to eliminate production problems.

The results of UBS confirmed that 12 Tesla owners reported to Business Insider in the last 12 months, Customers reported Problems before, during and after receipt of their vehicles, including delayed deliveries, faulty door handles and internal computer systems, failure and failure to operate their vehicles. Accounting for early, persistent problems – some of them become apparent within a few days of delivery – contrast with high customer satisfaction ratings. Tesla vehicles received from independent research,

"In addition to problems with the build quality, the serviceability of the Tesla Model 3 is also questioned," UBS said. "Many aspects of the vehicle are not available even to experienced mechanics, and the containment of the battery makes complex and expensive solutions.

"In general, the car has fewer components that are often more advanced than previous generations, but each component is more complex, expensive and more difficult to maintain or replace."

Tesla retreated from UBS requirements, informing Business Insider after the initial publication of this article that it will completely return customers who are unhappy with their vehicles.

"Our customer satisfaction ratings for Model 3 averaged about 90% from January, with steady improvement throughout the year, even when the number of cars has increased rapidly," the spokesman said in an e-mail. "Tesla customers never have to worry, because if they are unhappy with their car, when they get it, they can either return it for a full refund to solve any problems, or ask for a brand new Tesla.

"As of April 2018, the standard deviation of all gaps and displacements throughout the machine has already improved by an average of 40% on average, with special improvements in visibility in the trunk area, tail lights and rear panel. Today, the model of 3 panel gaps competes with the Audi, BMW and Mercedes models, but in the spirit of tireless improvement we are working to make them even more tense. Our goal is to create the perfect car for every customer. "

With two driving circles and hiccups under her belt, UBS said that in the upcoming note she will name the winner of the race on electric vehicles.

You can read about the first two tests here:

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