US Embassy denies the guilt of students from Ghana to participate in the UN – Politics


Students from Ghana who applied for visas and other travel documents for participation in the exemplary United Nations Conference in New York expressed their participation because the United States Embassy in Ghana refused to grant them visas.

Cancellation occurs as a result of the fact that the embassy doubts the authority of the organizers of the conference.

Some students were turned away at Kotok International Airport (KIA) in Accra, as well as at Heathrow Airport in London.

Proposed coordinators of the conference; The United Ambassadors received a total of $ 17,750 ($ 250 each) for delegates and GH ¢ 53,818 (GH ¢ 758 each) as visas for the US Embassy.

One of the students who planned to make a direct flight from Accra to New York on Delta airline, bought a ticket for 2300 dollars, and together with seven others, he spent 2,100 dollars on Airbnb Apartment in New York

Two students who were due to fly out on August 5, 2018, were rejected by Delta Airlines at the front desk at the KIA.

A third student who traveled on British Airways when transiting London Heathrow Airport, also could not connect to New York for the same reason.

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