Umahi suspends payment of income tax, hawker”s permit in Ebon

Governor of the State of Ebony, Ingres. David Umakhi, suspended all forms of paying income tax and hacker's permission against merchants in the state.

He also banned all forms of activity of revenue collectors existing throughout the state, including those that are hired by the council of local self-government, which, he said, should be considered this week by the state executive council.

The governor did this at a meeting in the City Hall, held at the stadium of the village of Pa Ngele Oruta, where he reviewed the issues of internal revenue reduction (IGR) in the state.

However, he expressed dissatisfaction with the high loss of income. He added that the money lost to illegal income collectors was about 1.1 billion pounds sterling a month in the state.

Umakhi's action followed the alarm signal raised by one Mrs. Adaaze Akoyi, due to the high extortion by the income agents in the Abakaliki Main Market on rural women in the market.

"The collection of revenues from all 13 districts of local government is now suspended, our people should not be prosecuted from now on, and anyone who does not obey will serve 5 months of imprisonment.

"So, the new collection will be based on what the state agrees, and it will be determined by the state executive council on Thursday and Friday.

"And any person who otherwise goes to jail for 5 months, and every month as a result of illegal collection of domestic income, we lose more than 1.2 billion Naira," Umakhi said.

However, the governor accused the growing cases of illegal mining for community leaders, adding that both traditional rulers sabotaged the state's efforts.

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