Trump doubles down on trade war with China and warns: ‘If countries will not make fair deals with us, they will be “Tariffed!”‘ – Finance


  • Trump: "The tariffs put the US in a very strong position at the talks."
  • It threatens other countries with tariffs if they do not "make fair deals with us".
  • It is expected that the US will begin charging fees for another $ 200 billion of Chinese imports on Monday.
  • China threatened to strike back and withdraw from the talks if this happens.

US President Donald Trump escalated his rhetoric during the trade war on Monday, threatening undefined countries with tariffs: "they will not make fair deals with us."

The United States is currently waging a trade war with China and It is expected to collect new tariffs on Chinese imports of $ 200 billion on Monday, in addition to the established tariffs of $ 50 billion.

Many US companies have warned that new rounds of tariffs threaten to increase prices for everyday goods for Americans – everything from children's places to bicycles.

Trump defended his policy early in the morning on Monday, writing: "The tariffs put the US in a very strong position in the negotiations, with billions of dollars and Jobs flowing into our country – and, nevertheless, the rise in value has so far been almost imperceptible If countries will not make fair deals with us, they will be "Charged!" "

He followed this tweet a few minutes later, saying: "Our steel industry is a conversation about the world, it has a new life and flourishes. Billions of dollars are spent on new plants all over the country! "

Statements that the relationship between the US and China seems tense. There were hopes of a decision on trade between them, but the news of the planned new tariffs in the US caused anger in Beijing.

China is reportedly threatening to withdraw from trade negotiations if the US collects new tariffs, and the Foreign Ministry reported on Monday that it will respond in kind if the US charges new tariffs.

The Chinese tabloid Global Times, owned by the state, says an editorial on Monday: "We are looking forward to a more beautiful counter-attack and will continue to increase the pain that the US is experiencing."

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