How to use your smartphone to track your vehicle?

Track Vehicle SUMMARY: By synchronising this tiny device with your smartphone, you’ll be able to track its position on the map in real time. You can register alerts to be triggered if your car starts to move or leaves the area in which you parked it. So you’ll know instantly if someone uses your car without your permission or steals your vehicle. Best part? Single payment, no monthly fees.

Importance of tracking your car

Track Vehicle: The tracker plugs into the diagnostic port on your car
Track Vehicle: The tracker plugs into the diagnostic port on your car

GPS car trackers have gained popularity, as car theft has increased. After buying an expensive car, it is also important to secure it, just in case it gets stolen.

When a GPS tracker is set inside a vehicle, the gadget always transmits information on situating, time, speed and so forth, all transferred back by means of satellites to your Smartphone.

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You may not think you have need to track your vehicle as you will be in it! However, there might be a period when your car is taken without your authorisation or permission. A car tracker will precisely pinpoint where the car is, continuously so you know where it is all the time, no matter whether you’re near the car or not. It is not just about robbery either, loaning your car to a relative might be something that you do, and you will have true serenity that you will dependably know where they are in the event that or breakdown or crisis.

How to track your car using your Smartphone?

Track Vehicle - With Tracker you’ll be able to locate your device at any time
Track Vehicle – With Tracker you’ll be able to locate your device at any time

The systems available until now required an expensive installation and an additional monthly fee. However, this new compact little device works worldwide and without any kind of monthly fees!

But… How Does It Work?

The GPS tracker plugs into the diagnostic port on your car (you can also hide it inside). This port is installed into every vehicle manufactured after 1996. The tracker connects to an app on your smartphone so that you can access information about the status and location of your car without having to invest in any expensive or specialist kit. You can use any sim card, you don’t need any extra contract.

Now just have to open the application on your mobile and you’ll be able to see the position of your car on the map. If you do end up losing your car, simply select “find car” and you’ll get the exact location.

In the following video you’ll be able to see it in action:

IMPORTANT: When the device is unplugged it sets off the alarm on your phone giving a warning and location. It has a built-in battery, so it works even when the car is turned off.

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Sounds great, but it also sounds expensive

Surely such a clever piece of kit comes with a hefty price tag? Well, these trackers were already great value, but what’s even better is that right now the official website is having a sale. So, for a limited time only, you’ll be able to get 50% off all trackers!


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