Toyota Nigeria represents the 8th generation of all new Camry

Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) introduced the new generation Toyota Camry, recently released by the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation.

Sspeaing at the opening at the company headquarters in Lagos, managing director of TNL, Mr. Kunle Ade-Ohjo said that the 8th generation of the All New Camry has undergone a complete transformation and the transition from a proven sedan to one that pushes the boundaries of technology.

Ade-Ojo, which was introduced by TNL's Director, Corporate Services, Mr. Bunmi Onafowokan, since the first model Toyota Camry was first introduced in 1982, the automaker, as of 2015, sold more than 18 million model units by region ,

But the latter model, he stressed, enjoyed a high level of goodwill and acceptance of not only excellent technology, but also its stunning beauty.

MD said: "It will not be an exaggeration that the rich history of this model already fills it with outstanding attributes that are unique to all of its brothers and sisters in our model line.

"Thanks to its modernized, fashionable exterior and simplicity of interior design, the newest Camry model, available in 2.5L and 3.5L engines, will easily awaken in its lovers the pleasure of driving, unmatched in its class. Indeed, this is a wonderful security package, comfort and performance in equal proportions. "

He said, despite the turbulent economic landscape of the nation, the company never holds back.

"In fact, this (the economic landscape) has positively influenced our creativity in response to the demands of our dear customers throughout Nigeria, and we will continue to explore ways to meet them, and support our culture of excellence," he added. ,

Marketing Manager TNL, Mr. Bayo Olavoyin, in his speech noted that the new Camry has a high performance and powerful engine Dynamic Force Engine next generation with a powerful acceleration and a new direct switching of 8AT, contributing to low fuel consumption.

He also said that he has a sequential shift that allows switching operations, for example, in manual transmission mode, improves noise reduction.

He said the new Camry "is equipped with light weight with high body rigidity and a new suspension, a new rear suspension system with a double wishbone, a low center of gravity due to the overall height, floor height, lowered hood, body with high rigidity with increased torsional stiffness by 30%, a new four-point engine mount to reduce engine vibration transmitted in the cabin, soundproofing and soundproof material with increased areas and thickness.

"The security casing with the world's leading rating and increased safety, a high-strength cockpit and a collision support body for efficient absorption and scattering of impacts, all high-speed dynamic cruise control radars."

Describing the engine, he said: "Camry offers an excellent choice of gasoline engines, a brand new 2.5L Dynamic Force 4-cylinder and a new 3.5L V6, each of which provides a complex mix of performance and efficiency. Both engines use D-4S with direct injection, which selects the optimal injection method based on driving conditions to pack a powerful blow with increased fuel economy for loading. The new 2.5L engine improved performance by about 6% compared to the echo model.

"For those who like comfort at first, the rear seat can be tilted at the touch of a button, a reduced gap between the windshield and the roof to reduce wind noise, the hood muffler to keep the engine noise from the cab, the rear control panel allows a power seat, a sunny shade power and AC regulation from the rear cabin of the vehicle. "

Other attributes of the new Camry in accordance with Olawoyin include: World Performance Class Performance Performance; Leading advanced human-machine interface (HMI) interface; LED headlight with LED daytime running lights (DRL); Color multi-format display.

Others: Multimedia touch screen; Advanced Airbag Standard, Brake hold and others.

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