To achieve success in your life by filling your gas cylinder – how to be successful

Achieving success in your life should not be difficult. In fact, I can usually say how successful someone is now or will be in the future, just watching them fill their gas tank. Let me explain this in more detail.

Now, when I work exclusively at home in my Internet business, I only fill my gas tank once. I used to buy gasoline at least twice a week, so this was a big change in my life. Now I can observe people at the gas station quite differently, and I've made some conclusions about their behavior.

There are two groups of people in the world, and they are very easy to see when pulling at a station to get gasoline. The first group drives with a frowning face. They slam the door when they get out of the car, and usually mumbled something about the cost of gas. They do not look at anyone directly in the eyes and just want to get their gas and leave.

The second group comes to the station, smiling. They are happy to fill their car with gas so that they can reach their destination. Usually they greet other people and make small conversations while they are being filled. Another thing I noticed is that this group fills its tanks to the brim with gas, while the first group only buys gasoline for ten or twenty dollars at a time.

In which group would you be? I almost guarantee you that the second group is more successful. It has absolutely nothing to do with which car they drive, or the amount of money they have. All this has to do with thinking. The funniest thing is that the first group that hates going to the gas station should go twice as often, because they do not fill up their tank when they are there. Look at what you are doing and make sure that you fill your gas tank.

Source by Connie Ragen Green

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