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Tiwa Savage continues to be mute after the fan response to Ciara"S new single "Freak Me" Tekno, which displays her single "Before Nko" in 2016.

On Friday, August 10, was released a new single of the American singer Chiara, Infuriates me & # 39;, in which a team of superstars with a talented singer / producer Tekno Miles.

Before releasing the song The level is raised & # 39; The singer took to her Instagram page to create some kind of noise by releasing photos from the dance video.

Ciara enjoyed the rise in her musical career after a widespread reaction to her latest single, which became a virus in social networks with various dance experiences.

And how else to sustain this, than to use a new wave called Afrobeats. African music enjoys the attention of the world audience as never before, and everyone is looking for a bite of cherry.


Ciara with Tekno 'Freak Me & # 39; (Instagram / Ciara)

The connection with Tekno, which is well known for its ability to handle commercially acceptable records, is a good step. In terms of both creativity and viability, it looked like a win-win, but what happened after the possible release of the song put the damper into a commotion caused by what happened.

After the first few listen Infuriates me & # 39;, a number of Nigerians immediately noticed a similarity not only with the melody, but also with the composition to the previously released single, "To Nko" Tiva Savage.

"To Nko" switched off Tiva Savage"S 2016 EP, & # 39; & # 39; R.E.D. & # 39;, and surprisingly one of the more obedient songs in the project.

Her fans in social networks immediately came across this, which led to questions asking, and people were called.

It definitely could not be accidental, did not she get the right permission? Did Tiwa know about the existence of the song? and what role did Techno play in all this?

With a random check, it's perfectly clear that the permission is either of the copyright owner of the song, or of the copyright owner of the master record, usually a record company.

Nevertheless, Ciara and her team have developed two clever moves, which puts it in a good light; the first of which duly credited Tiva Savage near Don Jazi and D & # 39; Prince As part of song composers on all streaming platforms.


The song about decent lending Tiva Savage as one of the composers of "Freak Me" (Tidal / Ciara)

Then, following the reactions in social networks, she also took the initiative to post the message through her Twitter account, recognizing Tiva as the inspiration for this song.

While the leaks from her camp continue to suggest that Tiwa was not properly informed or authored by the creative rights to use her song, the singer kept silent throughout the drama, and her social networking pages contained only information about her upcoming shows in London .

Pulse also made several attempts to contact her for comments, but her team had not yet responded.

At the moment, Tiwa has left the discussion in the field of speculation, and while this will no doubt gradually disappear, the industry must really know, as clarity in matters such as copyright and creative control is the only way that artists will learn do better.

Listen to both songs here and select the preferred version

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