Tiger Woods injured after serious car crash


Tiger Woods has been rushed to hospital after being involved in a car crash in Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles.

The golfing legend was the only person in the car and had to be removed via the a hydraulic rescue tool called the ‘jaws of life’.

The severity of his injuries is not yet known.

“The vehicle sustained major damage,” a statement from the LA County Sheriff’s Department mentioned.

The world of sport and beyond has come out in support of Tiger Woods, who has been hospitalised after being involved in a serious car crash in California.

Some of the biggest names from the US and sport have sent messages of support.

A series of images have been published from the scene of the accident, which you can see here.

Just 24 hours before his accident, Woods was playing golf with former Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade and actor David Spade.

The latter pair both uploaded content to their social networks about the occasion.

According to TMZ, Tiger Woods sped off after being displeased with a production team that was shooting a major network television show near his hotel.

Source: Marca.com

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