These are Nigeria’s major trading export partners in 2019


According to the recent data, India has the highest percentage share in export trade for the first three months of 2019. 

India (16.43 per cent) is followed by Spain which has 10.74 per cent and the Netherlands (8.94 per cent).

Here are Nigeria’s five majors trading export partners in 2019:

N745.0 billion 

N487.1 billion


N325.5 billion 

N302.3 billion

Foreign Tradein Goods Statistics (nbs)

Nigeria’s major mode of transporting its goods to trading partner countries remains by sea.

The Apapa port remains the leading port of operation during the first quarter of the year. It accounted for 89.6 per cent of the total export transaction.

Second is Portharcourt (23.8 per cent), followed by Tin Can Island (18.9 per cent).

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Nigeria’s 10 exports in the first quarter of the year are:

N3,950 billion  

  • Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and parts 

N418 billion 

  • Prepared foodstuffs; beverages, spirits, vinegar and tobacco

N55 billion

N49 billion 

  • Products of the chemical and allied industries

N24 billion

  • Base metals and articles of base metals

N13 billion

  • Plastic, rubber and articles

N8.8 billion

  • Raw hides and skins, leather, fur skins, saddlery

N7.8 billion

  • Live animals, animal products

N3.5 billion

  • Boilers, machinery, chemical appliances, parts 

N2 billion

Overall, Nigeria’s total export in the first quarter of 2019 is valued at N4.5 trillion. This is a 4 per cent decline in the total exports value compared to the N4.72 billion recorded during the corresponding quarter of 2018.

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