The Key to Small Business Success is Your Professional Support Network


A business support professional is someone who works on a contract-basis with other self-employed people to help them successfully run their business. These business support professionals are also business owners themselves. They create a network of people who help each other get business, keep business, find business and run a business. The greater the size and expertise of a small business owner’s network, the more success they will have in business. No one does it alone

What categories of jobs am I talking about when I refer to a small business support professional? Anyone who has the skills, talent, and personality traits in a variety of jobs can be a successful support professional. Examples include but are not limited to:


Administrative Assistants

Executive Assistants

Data Entry Clerks

Project Assistants


Professional Organizers

Graphic Designers

Freelance Writers



Web Designers



Marketing Professionals

Simply put – a support professional is anyone who provides top-notch assistance or a necessary service to other people who are self-employed. Many people who are self-employed find themselves creating a network of people they can call on when a new contract starts, when they need office assistance, or when they need marketing advice. This network of people creates a dynamic business environment yet allows the small business owner to avoid hiring full-time employees.

If you’re self-employed, think about who is in your network. Consider expanding it to include more experts who can help you do what you best – but do it more efficiently and effectively. If you’re thinking about becoming self-employed, now is the time to start building your own network of business support professionals. The ability to call on your network equals success.

Source by Angela Mattson

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