The importance of advise in business consultancy - Business

The importance of advise in business consultancy – Business

The purpose of every business organisation is to make profit.  But then, it should be deeper than just making the profit. 

The interest and taste of your customers should be considered first. When you consider their interest and taste before making profit, they will always want to patronize your business. But when you are more concerned about your profit other than the interest of your customer,  you will make that profit,  but, it might likely be the last time you will ever set your eyes on them in your business. 


Every entrepreneur owes his customer, a duty of advising him/her on their choice of products and services.  

The business dictionary defined business consultation as; Seeking and giving of advice, information, and/or opinion, usually involving a consideration.

Sadly, very few business organisations advice their customers on what to do.

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My Travel experience.

This time last year, I travelled  with my mum. We stopped at Dubai for 4 hours before we got to our final destination.  A dark-tall lady walked up to us at the airport in Dubai.  She met my mum and showed my mum, her ticket so that she could explain it to her.

My mum read the ticket and explained it to her, saying that; she had a stop-over of more than 10 hours before she would connect the next flight for her final destination and her travel agent did not inform her about this neither did “they” book a hotel for her in the airport where she would stay and have some rest before connecting to the next flight. 

I checked the price of the ticket and it was so cheap that, it was times three of my own ticket. I smiled and said to myself, “she was not advised”.  

With regards to the aviation industry,  there are three reasons why a ticket will be so cheap in price. They are; 

1. When it is a promotional ticket; i.e. when the airline is on promo. 

2. When the lay over is so long. 

3. When the ticket is not flexible; i.e. you can’t easily make some changes in your ticket without paying a penalty which will be too much on you. 

My mum explained these to her and she was so shocked. She said that she was not told. The travel agent checked the fare and told her and she paid and that was it. She was not given details of her flight ticket, she did not ask and she did not check.

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Customer relations.

Because I am on the big size, I will like to put on a cloth that will make me comfortable, not a cloth where I have to force myself to breathe.  If I come into a boutique and I say “I want to buy a corporate shirt for work”, it will be so rude and improper to just end by saying “Sir, we don’t sell big size here”, “Sir, we don’t have your size here”. Saying this alone will make me, the customer,  to feel rejected.  

A little more of “Sir, we don’t have your size here but we have some good shoes you will like. They are really nice and comfortable” will go a long way and at the end of the day, I might end up purchasing 4 pairs of those shoes you recommended to me. 


If I am organising a birthday party for my 8th year daughter and I pick up my phone and call Funke, saying “Hello Funke, please I need a birthday cake for my 8th year daughter by weekend”, I expect Funke to say “Ok ma. What flavour? I will recommend you to go for the vanilla or strawberry flavour because it is what children like a lot, but, if you have any other flavour in mind, that would be fine”.

Funke has made my work, easier and better for me. Funke has advised me on what to do and the best flavour for children. 

Lack of good business advice has made so  many businesses to lose customers.  Why? Because we don’t advise our customers on what to do and the best choices. 

The thin line between persuading a customer and advising a customer is; 

In persuading a customer,  you are convincing a customer to go for a particular choice of product or services while in advising a customer,  you are advising a customer by making some recommendations. 

If I go to the Pharmacy to buy a particular malaria drug I have been taking for the past 6 years and the sales representative recommends a good brand that is quite new, a little more expensive but stronger than the former, I will go for that.  And at the end of the day if it turns out well for me, that particular drug becomes my favourite malaria drug.

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(Board Developer)


For instance if I buy a drug, take it and I react so much to  the drug that my whole body becomes swollen and my body begins to itch me. On getting to the pharmacy to lay a complaint, the sales representative might say “Ah. So sorry.  I did not know that you’d react to it”. I would naturally ask, “if you know that this drug has some adverse effects like this, why didn’t you tell me ahead of time and advise me on which one to go for?”. 

There is more to a business than just making profit. I will always pay my loyalty to any business enterprise that advises me on what to do and recommends some products and services to me. It shows that, they are more concerned about my taste and satisfaction other than the profit for the business. 

Hope you enjoyed the article? 

From your favourite business blogger, 

Written by Chukwuma Aguwa. 

Till next time!  

Chukwuma Aguwa is an undergraduate Law student at Benson Idahosa University Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria. Chukwuma is an Entrepreneur and a Business Consultant. He is also a Businesses Blogger.  You can reach Chukwuma on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with his full name or send an email to [email protected]

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