The Ghanaian private sector contributed 97% of banks’ Non-Performing Loans in the first quarter of 2019


This is according to the first quarter banking sector report published by the Bank of Ghana.

This means that only 3.1% of Non-Performing Loans within the banking sector cannot be attributed to the private sector.

The banking sector report indicated the total non-performing loans reached GCH6.63 billion as of February 2019.

The figure represents a drop of 14.4 percent from the GHC7.74 billion recorded in the same period in 2018.

The banking sector report further indicated that the stock of credit to the private sector (comprising private enterprises and households) grew moderately GHC33.23 billion in February 2019 from GHC33.15 billion in the preceding year.

In terms of credit allocation, commerce and finance continued to hold the largest share of 23.2 percent.

The services and manufacturing sectors followed with 22.3 and 11.9 percent respectively.

For the period that the Bank of Ghana’s report covers, the banking sector recorded a more robust growth in deposits.

The figure increased from GHC59.9 to GHC71.86 billion within the one-year period.

This translates into a growth of 20 percent as of February 2019.

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