The FBI is reportedly quietly warning banks of a potential large-scale hacking scheme that could hit their ATMs – Finance


  • It is reported that the FBI sent on Friday a confidential letter to banks outlining the potential threat to ATM security.
  • This scheme is known as an "ATM".
  • Hackers use malicious software to access machines, control elevators and access to large amounts.

The FBI is a private warning bank about a potential global hacking scheme that can be conducted through their ATMs.

The Bureau sent a confidential warning on Friday to banks to notify them that individuals are planning a large-scale fraud scheme known as an ATM, a journalist Brian Krebs first reported on his cybersecurity news website.

FBI spokesman Lauren Haji did not specifically comment on this issue, but sent the Business Insider the following statement in response to questions about this:

"With a view to developing public-private partnerships, the FBI regularly advises the private industry on various cyber threat indicators observed in our investigations. These data are provided in order to help system administrators protect themselves from the actions of persistent cybercriminals. "

In the ATM payment scheme, hackers can use malicious software to access a bank processor or payment card and sometimes make fraudulent copies of cards, imprinting stolen card data on reusable magnetic strip cards.

Krebs said that they can also manipulate account information and security settings to make large amounts of money available for withdrawal.

"Shortly before making payments on the ATM, the attackers remove many means of controlling fraud in the financial institution, such as maximum withdrawals of ATMs and any restrictions on the number of ATM transactions of customers every day," Krebs wrote.

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