The Best Way To Make Money Online Today In 2013


The best way to make money online today in 2013 in my opinion is to be building a list around a particular market and niche within that market. Making money online has come along away since it began some years ago with different strategies. Today in 2013 it is all about leverage. Working smarter, not harder. What exactly do I mean by this? In this example I would like to use affiliate marketing or creating your own product as an example of how you would go about this. One last thing before we begin and that is I want you to understand that despite all the fancy headlines you read there is no fast way to making money online especially if you are completely new. Not to make you upset or anything but to get you in the correct mindset. OK, lets begin.

Like I said, today in 2013 you want to be leveraging your marketing efforts and be building yourself a list. Understand why you are doing this and your conversions increase, you build trust with your subscriber base and you make more backend sales. So first you need to decide on a market and niche to get started with. You can use the Google Planner to research your demand for your market and niche. A market is something like “sports” or “health” or “investing.” There are many markets you can get involved in today. Now a niche would be something like and lets use the “health” market as an example somebody looking to cure athletes foot. So your market is the health market and your niche is “how to cure athletes foot.” Now what do we do? The second phase for the best way to make money online would be to create and set up a landing page. A landing page which is a squeeze page is simple a 1 page website that offers something of value such as a free ebook or a trial to a membership site. This can be anything but its need to be of value and what you would do is give this away in exchange for their name and email and start building yourself a list. Now part of the conversion process is of course getting people to sign up but more importantly how you can tie a “front end offer” to your funnel that will give you up front sales to help cover your advertising cost and time for your marketing efforts. Understand? Hope so. If not go back through and re-read this. This is hugely important to our success. Understanding what it is you are trying to do. The final stage for the best way to make money online is then to set up an email sequence inside your auto responder that does two things for you and they are build trust and product backend sales for you. It is that simple! It all just takes time to do but for those who put in the effort will be rewarded.

Well as you can see that the best way to make money online today in 2013 is really not that hard. It really isn’t. There are many different strategies to make money online and I just covered one of them that’s all. My biggest advice for those looking to get started in find yourself a couple of mentors both in the business and on personal development and start to follow both. Below I have a link to my website which goes more into detail how this whole process works and how to get started. Thank you for reading.

Source by Ethan Poltrack

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