The 8 strongest currencies in Africa in 2019

The strength of a currency is determined by a number of factors, including its supply and demand, market forces within the country, inflation and the foreign exchange market.

The United States dollar is considered one of the strongest currencies in the world and it’s, therefore, an appropriate benchmark with which to measure the strength of some African currencies.

In this article, we consider the strongest African currency in 2019.

1.   The Libyan dinar

The Libyan dinar is the strongest currency in Africa based on its exchange rate to the US dollar and its purchasing power.

One US dollar currently exchanges for 1.38 Libyan dinars.

The Libyan dinar

2.   The Tunisian dinar

The Tunisian dinar is the second strongest currency in Africa.

One US dollar exchanges for 3.05 Tunisian dinar.

The Tunisian dinar

3.   The Ghana cedis

Ghana is the only West African country to make it to this list of the top 8 countries with the strongest African currencies.

With 5.50 Ghana cedis for $1, it is the third strongest African currency.

The Ghana cedis

4.   The Moroccan dinar

The Moroccan dinar is the currency of Morocco and the fourth on the list. It currently exchanges at 9.55 Moroccan dinar to $1.

The Moroccan dinar

5.   The Botswana Pula

Botswana’s official currency is the pula. It was introduced to replace the South African Rand.

The pula currently exchanges at 10.60 pula to $1 and placed fifth on the list.

The Botswana Pula

6.   The Zambian kwacha

The Zambian kwacha is the official currency in Zambia. It was introduced to replace the Zambian pound. The kwacha is the sixth on the list and exchanges at 11.98 kwacha to $1.

The Zambian kwacha

7.   The Swazi Lilangeni

The Swazi lilangeni is the seventh strongest African currency. It currently exchanges at 13.99 lilangeni to $1.

The Swazi Lilangeni

8.   The South African Rands

The South African rand was introduced to replace the South African pound.

Currently, the rand exchanges at 14.18 rands to $1. This places the country 8th among the list.

The South African Rands

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