TCN delivers Wudil power substation, 60MVA transformer in Akur

The Nigeria Transmission Company (TCN) completed the substation project of the 30 / 40MVA 132 / 33kV substation in Woodile, Kano, and included an AC 60 mVA 132/33 kV transformer in Akure, Ondo.

Both projects are planned to be officially commissioned by the Minister of Energy, Work and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashol, in the near future, as they have intensified and are supplying electricity to the communities.

With these projects, TCN stated that since February 2017, it has completed 29 transmission transformers using its engineers throughout the country.

Ndibi Mbach, general manager of public relations, said that the contract for the Wudil substation substation was awarded in 2009, but the contractor was unable to complete it within nine years. TCN took over the project in July 2018 as part of its Rehabilitation and Extension Program (TREP) and delivered it within three weeks, and it was activated on July 31, 2018.

The substation increased the electric power supply to the distribution company Kano (KEDCO) to improve the hours of power supply to customers in the city of Gaya, Taraki Garko, the city of Woodile, Mariri and others.

The 60MVA transformer at the Akure substation was integrated with the two 33 kV feeder sections with the project, starting in February 2017, as part of the financing of the Working Bank. The project, delivered in July 2018, increased the capacity of the substation from 120 MVA to 180 MW, increasing the volumetric supply of electricity to customers in the Ibadan distribution grid (IBEDC).

Areas for improved supply include the metropolis of Akure, Igbar Oke, Both Ile and Iju, where the suppressed load will be lifted.

TCN also called on the electricity distribution value distribution section to make commensurate investments for customers to feel the impact of the powerful transformers introduced by TCN under the TREP.

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