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Success or Failure – What You See, is What You Get


Have you ever been scared, will you succeed? Do you doubt that you will succeed in life, financially, in your relationships, in your career or in your health?

There was so much talk about the law of attraction and the "magic" of thinking positive thoughts and using positive energy to succeed in your life. Changing your attitude and thinking can lead to great events, but it does not end there. You have to add hard work to affirmative thinking — along with a “secret” that many do not consider their search for success.

This “secret” is that most of the success we experience in life will depend on how we cope with an accidental failure. The secret ingredient to the recipe for success is to face our failures, our disappointments and unexpected problems. Do not be afraid that they can come into your life – it is guaranteed that they will do it. There is no person on this planet who lives without problems and problems. The difference for those who experience success from their failures is how they see it.

To use our difficulties as a positive experience, we need to develop the ability to change our perspective – to look at different glasses for recipes. An event or experience that may seem frustrating or a failure for one person can be an opportunity for success for another.

Do not be afraid of the obstacles that you encounter on your way to success. Look for ways to change your perspective – the way you see them. "One way to change how you see your problems is to reformulate your thoughts about the obstacles in your path." says Bonnie Porter, director of What & # 39; s Next? Transition Strategies “Try to write down your obstacle in a statement, and then convert the statement into a question. For example: “I do not have enough education to start my own business” may become “How can I get more education or knowledge to start my own business? and become an expert I want to be? "Bonnie continues:" Change your obstacles to "obstacles" – creative solutions or opportunities for your perceived obstacles. " There is no doubt that we become stronger every time we go through, around our obstacles and problems. We strengthen our creative muscles and find solutions and opportunities that we could never imagine. ”

Usually the road that you travel to find your success will be littered with difficulties and mistakes you make. Learning this will help you become strong and "experienced."

The fear of failure is powerful and does not allow many to realize their dreams and realize their potential. Those who allow fear to win can rationalize and try to protect themselves from failure, thinking “you will never fail if you don’t try,” but of course, don’t try, of course, to fail.

When asked to describe significant regrets in their lives, more than eight out of ten people focused on the actions they did not take, and not the actions they did. In other words, they focused on things that they could not do, and not what they could not do. (Ricaurte 1999 – 100 Simple Secrets to Successful People, p. 125)

The initial failure is sometimes the result that we experience when we try something new. The greatest discoveries and inventions that we now enjoy come after long trials and errors. Look at the lives of Edison, the Wright brothers, Walt Disney and Soichiro Honda and many others. Because of their ability to see things with different recipes and perceptions, “failure” was only part of the process of success.

Do not let the fear of failure have the right to limit your chances for success.


Source by Bonnie Porter