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Name and author: Success Magazine – An Overview

Content summary:

Darren Hardy brought Success magazine to life in 2008 and did an amazing job. Success is the oldest, more or less permanently published magazine of success in the United States. It was founded more than a century ago by Orsine Sweet Marden.

A modern version of success is more valuable than older versions. In addition to a large amount of content, each issue contains a CD containing interviews with successful people, authors, and experts. As an example, the April 2011 issue of the journal contains articles by Howard Schulz, CEO of Starbucks, Seth Godin, Derek Jeter, Jack Lalann, John Derevyanny, John C. Maxwell, Mel Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Barbara Weltman, Dr., Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet K. Oz, Robert Bloom, Former President Jimmy Carter, Coach Mike Krzijevski, Alexander Hamilton and many others who succeed.

The magazine includes regular functions, how to stay organized, how to help adolescents succeed, what books to read, and much more that can help most people in their search for success, financial and others.

Each issue is devoted to the theme, the April question – about the leading changes and how to inspire and focus the team.

If you want to stay on top of trends, learn how others succeed in life and business, and increase your general knowledge of how to become more efficient, you have nothing better to do than read this magazine.

Read / write quality:

Success is well written and professionally laid out. Editing copy is good; I haven't found a typo yet. The articles are mostly short and short, although each issue contains at least one or two in-depth articles with good content.

Notes to the author:

There are many authors for this journal, but editor Darren Hardy is distinguished by the creation of standards and the vision of the reincarnation of this American tradition. Nothing could be more American than the idea that anyone can be successful. Hardy not only agrees with the conviction that he lives in it, and publishes it every month.

Three great ideas you can use:

Only from April 2011 Problem:

1. To be an effective leader, you need to understand and follow the advice of the late John Derev, so that you first have to lead yourself and achieve true self-discipline. (John C. Maxwell)

2. Learn success from Howard Schulz of Starbucks: grow with discipline; balance intuition with accuracy; innovate around your core; find new ways to see; do not cover the status quo; listen to sympathy; and much more. (John H. Ostdiq)

3. The key to rethinking and success is to have such a rare ability to actually succeed. You have to create the results you want. (Seth Godin)

Publication information:

Success Magazine is published monthly by Success Media Lake Dallas, Texas. It is copyrighted by Success Media.

Ranking: Success Magazine is the best of its kind in the world today. He sets the standard for publication in his field. The author of this review is a subscriber, but has no other financial relationship with the magazine.


Source by Daniel Murphy

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