Simi begs her mum to block her on Twitter again! –

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Lol! Even if she wants her mother to block her on Twitter, don't we all love the relationship Simi has with her mother?

So the bottom line is that Simi had regular conversations with fans when her mom fell into a tweet and everyone laughed.

“It's 2018, and orange juice is still better than apple juice,” @Dmv_Scott was on twitter. Mom symi Ayanfe eledumare answered that shocked fans and even more shocked was Simi.

“Nothing like breast milk. That's where Simi got a beautiful voice, ” she's on twitter. Lol! It took quite a while before the musical star answered her mother.

"Mummy pls, I beg you, block me" – She replied to her mother. It didn't end because her mom didn't have a conversation with Simi.

“You are wild, I wore you 9 months and 2 weeks and gave you breast milk for 6 months or so. Now you want me to block you. Lai Lai, she's on twitter.

Okay, guys, isn’t this the wildest relationship between mother and daughter? All these guys are throwing cute bans at each other on social networks, and we all grin with envy (harmlessness). The last time Simi and her mom made us laugh at social networks was a few months ago when she threatened to close her mom on Ingram.

Simi - her mom's bridesmaid at the wedding

Simi – her mom's bridesmaid at the wedding

(Music X3M)

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Simi threatens to block her mom on Instagram

Simi and her mom share so much intimacy and love, and we could see that when she threatened to block her on InstagramOn March 20, 2018, Simi posted a photo on her Instagram page, where she looked dashing as usual. In the same way as the fans exposed her through the comments section, her mother also said something about the outfit.

"Please bring this top for me, I want to use it to kill my husband", she wrote. Funny right? Well, her daughter, Simi, quite funny answered the comment of the mother.

“Mummy stay away from my Instagram. Stay away, I'll block you. ” she wrote. Don't we love chemistry between this mother and child?

Chemistry, which was echoed when Symi's mom, Gedishola, married at the beginning of the year. Simi was her mother's main bridesmaid for a special occasion.where she really did a great job. Simi smiled everywhere that shows how much she supports her mother.

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