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Genevieve Nnadzhi smiled when she attended the premiere of her film "The Lionheart" at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The premiere took place on Saturday, September 8, 2018, with two actors in the cast, Genevieve Nnadzhi and Nkem Ovokh in attendance.

Two other expected team members at the premiere, Peter Okoy and Onyeka Onwenu, however they did not attend the premiere.

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In addition, speaking to the audience after the film was viewed, was a co-executive producer, Chinny Onwugbenu,

In his speech, Chinney confirmed the acquisition of the Netflix movie "Lion Heart"Saying that she and Genevieve intend to have stronger relations with the film company in the near future.

During her speech Genevieve said:And there are not many actors and crews here, many actors and crews who worked tirelessly on this project and on their behalf, I want to thank you. The film was shot in May 2017, and up until this point we had a terrific fan … "

All about Lion Heart

Genevieve plays the role of Adaaze, led by a leader in her father's bus company, Lionheart Transport.

From time to time, Adaaze proved her sharp ability to profit and manage the most acute situations.

But when her father (the steadfast star Pete Edochia) falls ill, both she and her rival (Kalou Aigbui Ikeagwu, increasing the tent roll) are transferred to the favor of Uncle Adaz, less than stubborn, Godswill (Nkem Owoh, who lights up the screen with his comic presence).

Determined to fight it to the very top, but not wanting to go against his father's desires, Adaza feels that the notorious bus left the station without her.

However, she must quickly switch gears when she and Godswill discover that Lionheart is working on shares, financially.

The Lionheart of Genevieve Nnadzhi will premiere in 2018 TIFF

The Lionheart of Genevieve Nnadzhi will premiere in 2018 TIFF

Together, it's unlikely that the duo should come together to save the company and their name.

The dramatically and comically-watched film of Nnaji is devoted to everyday sexism, which everywhere saturates the workplace and captures the delicate balance between honoring one's family while at the same time finding the courage to strike out one's own.

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