Running a Business Like a Child, Part I


Is not it crazy how almost everything in life can be compared to another idea and how they make the most complex concepts into the most simple? Well I, for one, love analogies, and I've started to ponder: how different is it to be running a business compared to raising your own child? Here's what I've picked up, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

1. Preparation in Running a Business
Being able to successfully raise a child is a wonderful feeling, but for most individuals, becoming a parent does not come overnight (that's right, people. It takes months of preparation to find the best place to live, modify your home, purchase supplies, and whatever else it takes to make sure your baby gets as much love and attention it describes. Same thing happens with running a business. The only way your creation can hope is if you provide it with the best location.

You would not want to place a grocery store right next to a manufacturing center, would you? I've certainly hope not. Make your ideal spot as perfect as you can make it; never settle for a low quality environment. Make sure you have all the tools to prevent hazards and accidents, because the last thing you want to happen is having "uh-ohs" and realizing that you have nothing to clean it with (without you can MacGyver a sanitary mission). Do not forget that this is yours. You worked for it, and its success relies on how well you treat it.

2. The Newborn Years of Running a Business
Well, it's finally here. Your beautiful little baby is now part of your family household. This is the best thing that's ever happened to you, and you just can not wait to play with them and snuggle with them and give them lots and lots of [BLEH] … love. Hundreds of diapers, continuous feedings, and multiple sleepless nights come to pass, and it's quite the struggle at first. Boy, does it pay off though. Suddenly, they're smiling, laughing, using mobile skills, and more. You would not trade in those frustrating evenings and vomit-infected shirts for the world. Now let's take that and apply those metaphors with your brand new store.

Oh, how glorious it is to have so many customers, and you just can not wait to expand and upgrade and fill the safe with lots and lots of [CRASH] "Clean up on isle 2!" … cash. Do not be surprised if the first few months, or even years, becomes overwhelming. Just remember to maintain patience and provide the best service you can muster, and your customers will always appreciate it. This will pay off, too. Occasionally, your employees are becoming more efficient, service is spot-on, and you start to feel as if your business is starting to run itself. After time, all those lunch hour nightsmares, clumsy casualties, and really high-maintenance purchasers will become nothing but a little bump on the road on your trip to success.

I will post more of these as the days go by, but for now, if you would like to dab your feet in an opportunity with a business you can develop at home, visit the link in the resource box for your chance to receive a 7 part course on how you can start running a business .


Source by Kevin Michael Taylor

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