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Most mothers felt, at several points in their lives, the desire to make the unimaginable for their children. This is what the last film of Omonia Oboli, "Mothers in time of war, in part – a tribute to mothers and their victims.

The film tells the story of two mothers – Ebubechukwu (an impatient and snobbish young mother and wife; Omonia Oboli) and Olaide (often raw mother played Funke Akindele).

Despite the fact that he lives in the same rich district, Ebub thinks that Olaida is a village girl who was just lucky that she stumbled upon money and is not suitable for communicating with the elite.

Of course, they do not like each other, and, even worse, their children – Bayo and Amara – attend the same school – Keswick – and compete for a place in the program of the world scientist; a very important program that would prevent the bank from closing the school.

The existing hostility between Laid and Eboub and their need for the best for their children lead to a large number of hostile verbal and physical exchanges between them.

Mothers, especially Ebube, are pretty cunning in their movement to ensure that their child will get a seat. They do not set a good example for children, but they do not really care. They are embraced by their dislike for each other.

In the end, they deceive the deceived husband Olaida – Chidi; In performance Yul Edoci, pushing off a wonderful friendship as cheerful and interesting as their friction, exploring the power of the union between the two women and dismantling the narrative that two women can not work together.

In "Moms at War" there is a victim of motherhood, women's ties, drunken dates and a fraudulent husband.

Also there is an excellent energy between the cast as they all come together to bring different personalities to the scene.

The characters of "Mom during the war", despite their individual shortcomings, are imbued with a line that makes them relative – a fraudulent husband who is also a great father; A strong wife who, from time to time, blames herself for her husband's excesses; neighbor "razz", which in fact is the kind of friend that you need in your corner.

Omoni Oboli new movie Nollywood Moms at War

Omonia Oboli and Fanke Akindele on the set of the movie "Moms in War"

(Instagram / Omoni Oboli)

Both leaders, Akindele and Oboli, are adorable and authentic, performing their roles as pro, and light the necessary sparks, first as enemies, and then as friends. In a few moments they are your typical Nigerian mother; sacrificing for you, protecting you publicly, even if you are mistaken, but punishing you in private is a sign "I'm the only one who allowed me to spoil my child."

The pleasure of Olaida in her "rudeness" and in the way she delivers her bold lines. Akindele is a force of comic character, and in "Moms at War" she knows how to use facial expressions to cause laughter.

Oboli and Akindele are surrounded by supporting actors who help preserve history. As Bol and Amara, Abayomi Alvin and Adebucola Oladipupo, accordingly, it's nice to watch. They, of course, perform their roles without a cliché, which could bring a subtitle of school romance.

Simple, smooth and cheerful, although not flawless, this comedy written Naz Onuzo and director Oboli, without effort – the best work of the latter.

At the final moments of the film, incredible scenes appear: mothers hiring a prostitute to blackmail a representative of the World School Program, and the representative changes his mind, perhaps because of good sex.

It's incredible, but, nevertheless, do you consider "Moms in War" as a tribute to motherhood or friendship; or exaggerated work, the film still gives a lot of laughs and finds its heart in learning the power of friendship between the two women.

"Mothers in the war" is being shown in cinemas.

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