Ras Kimono’s widow buried three months after his own funeral –


The widow of Rasa Kimo of Ephemene Okedi was laid for three months after the burial of her husband.

Her funeral took place on Friday, October 26, 2018, in A tan cemetery in Lagos.

The deceased, who reportedly passed away on Sunday, September 23, was the manager of the reggae icon in those years when he was active.

She also doubled as a member of her group.

“Death is inevitable. This is the most difficult enemy of people who can not be killed. Our sister and mother went to rest with Jesus Christ " Punch News quotes a priest who participated during her burial.

Widow Rasa Kimono buried three months after being laid to rest

Opeci’s ephemenes were buried five months after the death of her husband.


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Her passage occurred four months after the death of Ras Kimono. The Nigerian reggae legend died on Sunday, June 10, 2018, after a fall.

Consolation Ras Kimono

The reggae vegetar was buried in Onicha-Olone, in the northern local government of Anioch State, Delta.

According to the Avangard report, veteran reggae singerThe remains contained in the Rastafarian's colored box were lowered into the ground after exactly 3.20 hours. Ven. Josiah Ogom Asab Diocese of the Anglican Community on Saturday, August 25, 2018.

Kimono He was buried in a marble tiled mausoleum located in his hometown in the northern area of ​​the local government of Anich.

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