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Prettyboy D-O has the looks of a superstar, a unique style that sets him apart and on ”Everything Pretty”, he showcases that extra bit that stands him out from his peers.

The ‘Alte’ genre bubbled over in 2017 and one of the surprise beneficiaries [more for association] was Prettyboy D-O, one whose music in no way can be exactly termed alternative and who is far from being a rookie in the game.

One thing that anyone who is fortunate to have watched D-O perform on stage will take away is his infectious energy, he has more than enough to go round and this much is what he brings to his debut effort, ”Everything Pretty.”

At his listening party held in September, he stated that he had begun recording songs on the album far back as two years ago and describes the body of work as the best collection of work he believes he can put out right now.


Prettyboy D-O at the listening party of his ”Everything Pretty” mixtape (Pulse)


On the one message he is passing with this album, D-O says, ”It is like an announcement, I really want people to take notice that this guy’s music is special.”

”I feel my sound is unique,” D-O says, ”I started off rapping, now I sing, I blend both of them together, I always try to be different from what people are doing, but one thing I pride myself in is my consistency,” he declared.

The EP is multi-dimensional as he intentionally strives for variety and being more musical than a lot of dancehall or ‘alte’.

D-O combines his aggression, sheer talent and diversity to good use and its final outcome is a 13 track project that features four collaborators in Sugarbana, July Drama, Esojay Luciano and Falz.


D-O performing at the end of the listening session of his mixtape (Pulse)

The album commences with ‘The Motto’, where an adult feminine voice, recognized as that of his mother renders some prayers in its opening lines, as he immediately declares over a drilling beat that the money is the motto.

Synth beats are laid heavy on a number of the songs giving them an extra edge and that dance vibe, these drilling beats and simultaneously vicious delivery make up the essence on the entirety of the tape.

‘Shawn Michael’ is the party starter with the way he switches his delivery as he puts the names of wrestlers to good wordplay use.

‘Terminate’ with Sugarbana is a big tune, one that has the potential to grow into a radio hit as they terminate every form of ‘bad vibes’ around them.


D-O infuses dancehall, Rnb and pop into his debut project ”Everything Pretty” (MoreBranches)


Other noteworthy tracks include ‘Pull Up’ with Santi and ‘Rabba Man’, while ‘No Wahala’ is another song that should be given a chance, its melodies make for an extremely catchy listen as he tells a tale of betrayal and focus in the course of his journey.

”Ask my nigga Joey, how we use to hustle even back in 06, better yet make you ask my nigga OG, how I use to write and never slept in four weeks”

Previously released single, ‘Footwork’ is still a jam while ‘Chop Elbow’, a song where he calls attention to the nation’s many ills, gets a remake this time with Falz dropping some memorable rap lines.

Mid-tempo records like ‘Itty Bitty’ and ‘Mi Mother’ brings the project to a soothing close.

Production is decent on the tape, while the autotune sticks out on the songs where he leans more towards singing.

”Everything Pretty” is a strong release, one that demonstrates D-O’s versatility and influences, and a precursor to how dynamic he can truly become when his starpower is fully developed.

His influences play heavy on the tape, from dancehall to R&B to even hip-hop. The project, however, isn’t entirely without blemish, many question marks abound in lyrics and content, but it has a number of gems to guarantee an amped and often enjoyable project and does its part to announce his name on the scene as one to reckon with.

Rating: 3.5/5


3-Worth Checking Out
4-Smoking Hot

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