Police parade 31 kidnapping suspects

The Nigerian Police Force (APF) reported that 31 suspects in six different gangs were arrested by police officers of the Special Police Tactical Squad (IGP) for kidnapping and armed robbery.

The suspects were reportedly responsible for kidnapping people in villages and towns in the state of Abuja-Kaduna-Birnin-Gwari-Funtua-Zamfara, said a spokesman for the Force, Jim Mohami.

He said that the Special Tactical Squad was commissioned by the General Police Inspector to drop these new bandits and adopt new strategies for crime prevention and control in order to give new impetus to the fight against banditry and other violent crimes.

Movsis explains that CTC's responsibilities include the PKT, Kaduna, Niger, Zamfara, Kogi, Benue and some parts of the Plateau states.

He said that 30 people were arrested, suspected of six different gangs, including three bandit commanders in the state of Zamfar.

He said that they include those responsible for the abduction of Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Alkarqawi in the state of Kaduna and the collection of the ransom of the Twelve million Naira before his release.

Movsio said that of them twenty-two AK 47 arrows, one LAR rifle, two single barrels, one pistol and one cannon pistol and two hundred and forty-seven (247) rounds of ammunition were extracted.

He said that most of the suspects confessed to the criminal roles that they played in committing the crimes they suspected.

He added that most of the victims, some of whom were rescued from their captured persons, identified them as guilty of abductions, armed robberies and the snatching of their cars.

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