Police, motor dealers to introduce software for detecting stol

The Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON) in cooperation with the Police Force of Nigeria (APF) has concluded plans to introduce software to detect a stolen vehicle in October.

The president of the association, Prince Adjibol Adedoin, spoke about this in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said that the implementation of the agreement that the Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris, approved for AMDON for the creation and enforcement of these vehicles, will begin by the end of October.

"We received the approval of the IGP. He is willing to work with us to make sure that the police forces of Nigeria curb the problem of stolen vehicles, kidnapping people or any crime related to vehicles, "he said.

He stressed that 90 percent of the crimes related to vehicles, adding that it is unlikely that any crime can be successful without a vehicle.

He said: "If we have data about where this car comes from, and the government has it at its fingertips, it becomes easier to" detect criminal activities ".

He noted that the association and the police are working together to create software that will recognize vehicle chassis numbers.

Adedoin added that in cooperation with the police, AMDON has already started issuing a highly secure identity card to all its members.

According to him, as soon as the police enters the chassis number of the vehicle into the software in his office, it will indicate whether it is one of those that are reported to have been stolen or not.

According to him, the introduction of software and data will reduce the number of stolen cars in the country.

"We have already started implementation. We hope that by the end of October, we will be able to start it. But we already have an identity card.

"There is some kind of partnership with which we are now cooperating with the police, with the approval of the Inspector General of Police. The association cooperates with the police to make sure that for each of our members a specific identification card will be assigned, and it will contain a chip that can be easily identified to be easily forged.

"At the same time, we are working with the Nigerian Police Force to make sure that we find an IT system that when it comes with the number, you just enter the chassis number of this car and send it to the stolen cars database.

"You will receive an answer if everything is in order or not everything is in order. In this case, any car that comes to our knowledge, when it does this and comes back, you know the following. We are going to attract the attention of all our members throughout the country. We want to dramatically reduce the problem of stolen cars.

"I can tell you that IGP Idris generously gave us this approval, and we are working on its implementation.

"This is when we can have all the data in the business. This is the only way that the government can check and balance all participants in this transaction, "he said.

According to the boss of AMDON, if such data are available, it will be easier for the government to find those who paid their taxes, the number of cars entering the country and smuggling.

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