Plateau govt to create favorable conditions for investors

The government of the Plateau State has confirmed its commitment to providing an enabling and business-friendly environment in the state for investors.

Simon Bako Laulong, Governor of the State of Simon, spoke about this at the weekend during a one-day business awareness raising forum that created conditions for the environment and the investment climate for authorized, permanent secretaries and agency managers in the state.

The event, organized by the Plateau Investment and Property Development Company (PIPC) in cooperation with the German Corporation for International Development (GIZ), was aimed at increasing the awareness of decision-makers for key issues related to the environment and investment climate, as well as the need for rapid reforms.

Speaking at the event, Lalong said that, despite the recent decline in security, the state has made significant progress in the rating of ease of business.

The representative of his deputy, Professor Sonny Tyuden, the governor, said that Nigeria, as a country, was struggling with the problem of how to accelerate poverty reduction among its ever-growing population.

"The state of a plateau with a population of about 4.2 million people from 2016 in Nigeria, it is estimated that about 196 million people will have approximately 1.68 million people, accounting for 40 percent, both unemployed and incomplete.

"This problem raises the alarm of economic emancipation that any responsible government should investigate by means of deliberate decision, especially when about 944,000 people from this unemployed or under the employed category fall into the active age category at the age of 20-39 in the state," he said.

In addition, the chairman of the PIPC Technical Committee, the head of Ezekiel Gomos, said that the forum will help the state create a favorable investment climate for investors and small and medium-sized companies in the state.

"We are striving to provide a platform for a periodic review of favorable business conditions, investment climate issues and monitoring of the consequences of reforms.

"It should also provide an opportunity for peer education and analysis among key government MDAs regarding best practices in business that favors reform of the environment and the investment climate," Gomos said.

Governor Lalong added that the state will work with GIZ to intervene and help identify, explore employment opportunities and generate income through the promotion of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in selected sectors of the economy that the government has a comparative advantage.

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