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The world of Aniam-Osigwe said the pirates' actions made Nollywood a global brand, despite the chaos that they are shattering on practicing movies in Nigeria and Africa.

"The pirates will not leave, let's do it right. Pirate is what made Nollywood popular, so let's understand that piracy is something that the US and others have, but we need to know about what we call windows., " entertainment project began.

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In a recent media chat about the distribution of films, the director and Director of the company of Africa Film Academy Awards, The AMAA, said that the pirates have an organized distribution network that makes them look bigger than life.

"The pirate is already organized, you are not what can happen, so this is what you need to find a distribution company that has the means to match what the pirates are doing and why we could not do itsaid Anyiam-osigwewho was the first Nigerian who sat on the jury of the Berlin Film Festival.



Read the opinion of the AMAA CEO on DVDs, movie distribution and piracy.

About the alleged death of DVD, VCD

"I will tell people that the DVD is not dead. You know, we all live in Lagos, Abuja or Kano or Port Harcourt, and we are under the illusion that the rest of Africa is like that. I dare any of you to try what I did this year. I traveled by road from Nigeria to Mali just because I wanted to break the fear when I was 50, I wanted to be sure that I still had this insanity in me, because I was always a traveler, and I decided to make the trip. But in fact it also proved the point about DVD and VC, because we sit and say that everything will be digital.

“There are places that do not yet have electricity in Africa, by the time you get to the port of Port Novo, they have no electricity, then you will move to Burkina, then move somewhere to Liberia and go to Sierra Leone or Guinea, where there is no data or even Cote d'Ivoire, where it is very modern, but the cost of the data is beautiful or Guinea Conakry, so let's not be in this delusion, because I have pictures of where people are still sitting in small cafe, watching Nigerian films, and this on a VCD is not even a DVD.

“You know that they look like villages, Nigeria is like New York, compared to many of these countries, Lagos. Even when we talk about Nigeria, let's get down to it. If you leave Yenegoa and enter the boat, go to Nemba or on your way, there are several villages that you will see, and in some of these villages there is no electricity. They are still going to put their generators to watch VCDs and DVDs, and therefore, when we talk about distribution, and some of us who live abroad and have all these ideas, we should never forget Africa. It is just like when you talk about the West Indies and everywhere.

“I’ve been to Haiti, and people need to remember that it’s going to take another five to ten years to make this easier, and the cost of data should be much lower, because income in Africa is still below average, and if I’m going to feed my family, and I only earn N18,000 per month, and I have to pay rent, pay school fees, I don’t intend to buy a 1 or 1.5G data card to watch a movie on the N2000, that is, the reality, but they are different in Rwanda, they try to make people get digital early enough, so Some countries want to do it, and some other countries do not have such a vision and do not realize it."

Movie distribution is urgently required

"Therefore, we must remember that when we talk about distribution in Africa and in the cinema, we must understand that there is a big gap between them, and this is where the Academy of Cinema in Africa continues to play. One of the things we do is to understand what we are doing to play there, therefore it is not just about celebrating African cinema, like at the AMAA, but we are doing more".

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About piracy and other problems of distribution of films

"This is one of the reasons that the issue of distribution should be discussed. If the DVDs and CDs were dead, the pirates would not earn as much money as they do before tomorrow, and the reason is that the pirates are more organized than distributors, and that’s easy.

“First, they have more funds, so they can produce enough copies of the film to flood the market from the moment they were published, which was and remains the curse of most other distribution companies through Nigeria and Africa. We never had a situation that says on the day of the release, I have a plan that the film will leave Lagos, I will make 100,000 copies of the film, I have an agreement for 20,000 copies to go to East Africa, 20,000 copies, to go to South Africa, there was never a plan in which the film comes out and moves everywhere, and if you have this plan, it will not work, but the pirates".

How pirates work n spreading movies

“So the pirates bring the film from Cotonou or Togo, depending on where its container landed, it hits Badagry, expecting its descending lines, the person who sends it to other countries, do not forget, he helped you translate the film is in French, so he has a man to pick up those who go to Abu and to the east, he has a man flying to East Africa, he has a man who flies to South Africa.

“The pirate is already organized, you are not so much that it can happen that you need to find a distribution company that has the means to match what the pirates are doing and why we could not do it. The pirates will not leave, let's do it right. The pirate even makes Nollywood popular, so let's understand that piracy is something that the US and others have, but we need to find out what we call windows.

The world of Aniam-Osigwe

The world of Aniam-Osigwe

“So, even when a film is released in the USA, there is a window, it is in theaters for a certain number of weeks, and then within six weeks it goes to DVDs and then goes to television platforms. We do not make windows in Nigeria so we need to understand what we have to do with windows. You cannot say oh because of the pirates that I will not make a DVD, but you are already losing a large market and, as I said, the earlier we, as Africans, understand that Africa does not look like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Lagos, Kano and Kampala. They do not end with urban centers, they think about your village and think about the average youth in your village, if he or she can afford 2,500 pounds to go and watch a movie in a movie.

“Also, consider whether it will have N2,000 to buy 1G as data to watch a movie on your phone. He can afford to watch short movies and downloads, but he cannot afford such a cost for data, so we still have a big distribution question in terms of financing, the key to distributing DVDs and VCDs is financing and setting up as you make sure you have a network to move the movie. Are there people selling these DVDs, yes, since you can be sure that they are buying original ones. This is a long process, he has a lot of discussions, producers need to understand the windows of the film and understand the professionalism of someone who works as a distributor or sells an agent. There should be demarcation of duties and obligations.".

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