People want to be Fela to smoke weed, chase women – Seun Kuti –


Seun Kuti shakes the table, on which there are many singers, following his comments, where he said that everyone wants to be Féla because they want to smoke weeds and chase women.

The musical star and son on the icon of late music, Fela Kuti told about it through their Instagram page on Monday, October 15, 2018. According to Seun Kuti, everyone wants to be fela without sacrificing and calling for duty.

“People will never understand you without going through the training you were trying to promote. Every Tom Dick and Eshi is a new fela because they want to smoke igbo and chase women. What about the victim? Fel and at the same time be the favorites of all oppressors. All these new Felas and those who were in his spirit praise white adulterers.

“They think you are great because rappers mention your name, they don’t know that rappers mention ur name so they can feel greatness. What do they know about the victim? What do they know about the trauma that our family caused at first hand violence? Blind, leading the blind, listening to the deaf word! Happy 80s. The fight intensifies !!! " he said.

Seun Kuti.

Seun Kuti.

(Bonafide Magazine)

Hmmm … what do you guys think?

Similar to Seun Kuti done with people who just want to take advantage of the Fela brand.

Typical example Seun Kutiwhen he separates his father's spirit from Kanye West.

Fela Kuti - cultural icon for the Nigerian millennia

Fel on the stage in Detroit in 1986. Two decades after his death, the Nigerian millennia make Afrobeat relevant today.

(Leni Sinclair)

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Seun Kuti says Fela's spirit is not near Kanye-West

Seun Kuti took the Egypt 80 group when he was only 14 years old.

Seun Kuti took the Egypt 80 group when he was only 14 years old.


Seun Kuti does not want Kanye West to become famous for his late father, Felas he said his father’s spirit is nowhere near American rapper. The music star and activist made it famous through his Instagram page on Sunday, October 14, 2018. Seuna's reaction was based on a video previously published by Kanye West, where he said the spirit of Fela, Bob Marley, and 2Pac flowing in it.

“Erm El on behalf of the Kuti family, I want to say that the spirit of Olufela Anikulapo Kuti is nowhere near Kanye-West. @Ziggymarley to you. @Oldmanebro come, ur battles, before I #getthesax, Seun wrote.

Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti

(Instagram / Shotsdboss)

Lol! Perhaps Seun Kuti was too heavy on Kanye West, as he probably only appreciated the legend of music, Fel Kuti. It could also be the result of the vibe with which Kanye becomes at the moment when he visits Africa and listens to a number of local songs.

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