PCN seals 89 pharmacies, 409 patent medicines stores in Plateau

The Pharmacists' Council of Nigeria (PCN) has sealed at least 89 pharmacies and 409 patent suppliers and patented drug suppliers (PPMVs) for various offenses in the state of Plateau.

PCN is the federal government Parastatal, which is entrusted with regulating the teaching and learning practices Pharmacy in all aspects and consequences set forth in Decree No. 91 of 1992, but now the Pharmaceutical Board of the Nigerian Law Cap P17 LFN 2004.

Director of Inspection and Monitoring of the Farm Board (Mrs. Antonia Aruya) reported this on Friday during a press conference at the City Lodge Hotel in Yose.

Ms. Aruya reported that during the training of her team in Plateau, 711 facilities, consisting of 184 pharmacies and 527 suppliers of patented and patented medicines (PPMV), were visited.

She said: "About 498 premises were sealed from 89 pharmacies and 409 PPMV,

"And 13 premises, consisting of seven PMPs and six pharmacies, were given guidelines for compliance with various offenses from improper handling of controlled substances, unhygienic environment and poor documentation, dispensing and prescribing drugs without the presence of pharmacies," she said.

Ms. Aruya also said that during the exercises no arrest was made, because her committee should rather correct than punish.

She added that her inspection committee is the executive branch of PCN to ensure compliance with minimum standards of practice by all players in the pharmaceutical sectors.

She also advised the general public to release their drugs from registered drug stores and anti-counterfeit drugs (OTCs) from registered PPMV stores.

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