Online dating could be worth $12 billion — and it’s all thanks to Tinder, analyst says (MTCH) – Finance

  • Match group going on Friday after a Wall Street analyst launched coverage with an upbeat price 66 to 28% higher when stocks floated on Thursday.
  • Nomura Instinet says that by 2020, the online dating sector could reach $ 12 billion.
  • Nomura says that he is worried that Facebook is going on a date, and he says that Match keeps competition at bay by buying out competitors, for example, purchasing this loop this summer.
  • Follow the Group's share price in real time here.

Wall Street believes that online dating can be another hot sector, and the latest estimate shows that by 2020 the market will grow to $ 12 billion.

It all comes down to a growing willingness of people to try out online dating, Mark Kelly, an analyst at Nomura Instinet, said on Friday for customers. This is his first study published on Match group – the company for Tinder, OKCupid, hinge,, as well as many other singles sites — where he is easily the most optimistic analyst with a target price of $ 66 for shares — is 28% higher, where the shares are placed on Thursday.

“Approximately half of the Internet users are single, and we estimate that 20% of them will be ready to use online products for dating by 2020 (compared to 15% in 2015), which is equivalent to ~ 310 million people worldwide (for excluding China), “Kelly said.

"We believe that Match will remain the clear leader in dating in the foreseeable future, as Tinder continues to grow, other brands continue to evolve, and as the hinge reaches scale."

The hinge is the latest addition to the Match group portfolio. after buying a 51% stake in the application in June, with the ability to buy the company directly over the next year. This acquisition reflects the overall strategy of the match, says Kelly, about buying out competitors before they reach a meaningful scale that could potentially be useful in the Match user base.

“As for other competitions, we expect Match to continue to acquire assets that it sees as a threat or supplement to its already well-established brands,” wrote Kelly. "This is evidenced by his majority ownership of Hinge, which is property, which we consider to be the natural next step for Tinder members seeking longer-term relationships."

Even Facebook, who recently announced an advance in datingshould not cause concern. In the end, it is not a winner in all markets according to Kelly. This is especially true as Match international subscribers become closer to most. By 2020, Nomura estimates that just under half of the user base will be outside the United States.

Here is how the company sees subscribers and revenues growing over the next two years:



(Nomura Instinet)

Tinder continues to increase the revenue of the Match Group, which, according to our estimates, will reach $ 815 million in 2018 (by 104% yoy), as the positive impact of Gold (launched last summer) lasts longer than expected, and as new opportunities monetization adds additional features to capture the share of the wallet, ”said Kelly.

The match grew by more than 5% at the start of Friday after the launch of Nomura coverage and an increase in Kelly’s bullish price. Shares this year rose by 66%.

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