‘Nigeria’s hospitality business lags in global best standards’

The representative of the hotel business in Nigeria still lags behind the world's best stands, and training is still necessary to bring the sector to what is happening in other countries, said the chairman and CEO of Grand Pela Hotel and Suites, the head of Peter Chukwudi Nwakeze.

The hospitality expert revealed this by addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday. He said that his hotel intends to open an international event center in 2000 in Abuja as part of efforts to promote tourism in the country's capital.

Nwakeze said that the hotel was set up to overhaul the hotel business with unique features available to visitors.

He said that the facility has embraced a new perspective in its desire to become a leading hotel in Nigeria and beyond.

He said that the hotel will equally provide training for international standard specialists for hotels in Nigeria to expand the scope of activities in Nigeria and bring it in line with the world's best standards.

Nwakezeh, who noted that the multimillion-dollar events and conference dedicated to Naira were designed and built with maximum comfort for guests and visitors, stated that the group paid much attention to the fact that the events and the conference center changed the landscape and the experience of large events placement in the FCT.

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