Nigerian startup DeliverNowNow creates solution to solve the delivery issues plaguing residents


Finding a good delivery service provider in Nigeria is a chore.

From irresponsible drivers to lousy customer service and horror tales of delivery riders tampering with the goods to be delivered. Small business owners have it worse because a mistake from the delivery service provider can ruin the brand, they are working so hard to build.

We analyzed the problems consumers and business owners face and created DeliverNowNow to solve the delivery issues plaguing residents.

DeliverNowNow is a delivery logistics marketplace that connects Riders and Drivers, and their delivery Bikes, Tricycles. Cars, Buses, and Trucks, with customers and local businesses.

Originally started by Paul Onu as an experimental concept called Remotelab, DeliverNowNow was co-founded by Paul Onu, Emeka Onwuliri and Emeka Onu with the primary goal of bringing together delivery logistics service providers, local businesses, and consumers to create an efficient logistics delivery ecosystem. With our robust AI-powered mobile app, we automatically match delivery riders and drivers with customers in their different geographical locations.

Paul Onu

Paul Onu, a seasoned Product Marketing expert with over 15 years of experience is at the helm as CEO of DeliverNowNow, with Emeka Onwuliri as COO and Emeka Onu as CTO, as well as a handful of highly skilled staff and experienced software developers. The two brothers and their friend seem unfazed as they have big plans to clean up and aggregate the current fragmented and chaotic delivery logistics marketplace.

Speaking about the reason for the product, DeliverNowNow CEO, Paul Onu, said “Delivering your products shouldn’t be that hard. You should, with the click of a button on the app, order a dispatch rider and for businesses, your clients should give you a 100% rating for prompt delivery. It would help if you didn’t keep on losing customers because you couldn’t give them the seamless delivery experience they deserve.”

This is a welcome development for Nigerians who want first-rate delivery, a fantastic customer service experience, and want to put an end to the horrific experience that comes with getting their goods delivered in time and in good shape.

Emeka Onwuliri
Emeka Onwuliri

DeliverNowNow works all over Nigeria, and is looking to expand across Africa.

Why are we different?

We are the “Uber of individual and small business logistics” or simply the “Uber of Logistics”. We are “friends” to all the delivery logistics providers both individuals and corporate.

As a rider or driver, sign up with your vehicle (Motor bikes, Tricycles, Cars, Buses and Trucks), we will take care of the rest while you make deliveries and earn more with less stress.

We also have a strong programme for Sales Agents. We know times are hard and good jobs are hard to come by. So, Sales Agents would recruit and manage the Riders and Drivers, and we pay them a slice of the revenue! Isn’t this awesome?

Emeka Onu
Emeka Onu

For our regular customers and Local businesses, there is no need stating the obvious, we guarantee you the best customer experience on DeliverNowNow. Focus on your trade and business while we take the delivery worries off you!

To find out more about this innovative platform please visit


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