Home NEWS Nigeria’ll earn N620bn annually from egg consumption — PAN

Nigeria’ll earn N620bn annually from egg consumption — PAN


By Michael Eboh & Fortune Eromosele
The Nigerian Poultry Farmers Association, PAN, said that Nigeria will register annual revenue of $ 620 billion. US and daily income of $ 1.1 billion. The United States, if 50 percent of its population consumes at least an egg a day for one year.

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In his speech in Abuja, yesterday, the National President of PAN, Mr. Ezekiel Mom, said that, despite its enormous economic potential, eggs can also play an important role in ending global hunger by providing a high-quality source of protein.

Mom, who was represented by PAN CEO Mr. Onalo Akpoi, noted that currently the average Nigerian consumes 70 eggs annually, adding that if the per capita egg consumption increased to 100 eggs per person per year, the annual income from eggs will increase to N340 billion.

He said: “The apple industry around the world is very strategic for the politics and economic development of any country. In Nigeria, the political and economic importance of the poultry industry is confirmed by the fact that the poultry industry consistently contributes more than 25 percent to the agricultural GDP of the national economy.

“To achieve the goals of achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the MDGs and the Sustainable Development Program, we have the importance of poultry products, especially chicken and eggs, which is about 36.5% of Nigerians' protein intake. take it seriously. Eggs and chicken are important links to the successful achievement of the MDGs in agriculture and health.

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“In Nigeria, with rapid population growth and high levels of poverty and insecurity, how do we feed the population with food that contains the necessary nutrients and vitamins that citizens can afford? Egg is the answer.

Mom further stated that in biological values ​​of various protein sources, an egg contains the second largest protein with an estimate of 93.7 percent after natural breast milk, which has 100 percent.

He also added that PAN continues to implement life-changing projects in some of the most impoverished areas of the country, pointing out that the activities of the Association demonstrate the commitment of the egg industry to sustainable development and the eradication of food poverty.

He cited a report from the Harvard School of Public Health and other experts, stating that there is no relationship between consumption of eggs and cardiovascular diseases, since it is saturated fat that raises cholesterol levels, not dietary cholesterol.

"Moderate egg consumption, which is defined as one egg per day, is not associated with an increased risk of heart disease," he explained.

Mom lamented that there is no public investment in the poultry industry, since they are all privately owned, and therefore attracts the government to policies aimed at revitalizing national programs that would help improve the health of Nigerians who use the egg as part of the country's nutrition program.

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