Nexus introduces next-level convenience with new NX- 625FFWD refrigerator


The new Nexus NX- 625FFWD refrigerator is a solid appliance; a fine blend of supreme quality and elegance.

Built for increased convenience and optimum performance, this is what you need whether you have a big family, restaurant or you just need a high-functioning refrigerator with extra storage space and advanced functionality.

Let’s show you how this refrigerator will make life easier for you.

More compartments for extra storage space

With its side-by-side design on the top, French door style below, and a capacity to hold 575 liters, this appliance was deliberately designed for your storage needs.

Featuring different partitions, you get more room to separate your items instead of lumping them all together. Whether leftover meals, groceries, fruits, raw meat and other animal proteins, there is enough space to efficiently manage and preserve everything!

What’s more, the premium deodorizing feature ensures that smells from different items do not ‘contaminate’ each other. For example, if you have citrus fruits stored in one section, and chicken in another, Nexus’ deodorizer technology ensures that their peculiar smells are contained in their section, thereby keeping everything as fresh as when you stored them.

Convenience is A1

This noiseless, newly-introduced fridge boasts a 4-litre dispenser on its door which means you don’t have to open your appliance every time you need water; unlike other refrigerators which you have to open repeatedly, thereby disrupting their cooling process.

The NX- 625FFWD refrigerator also allows you to digitally control the temperature of the water with buttons on the door of the refrigerator. Add this to the fact that it has an automatic defrost feature and you get the idea why this is the ultimate appliance for cool convenience.

Power conservation & management

Nexus understands the power issues in Naija, and has designed this new refrigerator in a way that optimizes energy usage and automatically protects you from the possible damage that power surges from PHCN or generators can cause.

The inbuilt smart inverter compressor of the new NX- 625FFWD refrigerator makes sure you are guarded against these power fluctuations. There is also an energy-efficiency mode and a holiday mode which kicks in after 12 hours of not opening the refrigerator. In essence, the appliance regulates itself to conserve energy in these modes.

Digital Technology

Nexus NX- 625FFWD operates a precise temperature control that can be set with buttons rather than turning a dial. Its zone-wise temperature control reads each climate and works itself to suit the needs of each location.

This newest Nexus refrigerator also has a state-of-the-art intelligent cooling system, dual cooling technology, a superfast cooling feature and can even be child-proofed.

It beautifies your space & its maintenance is easy

To cap it all is the elegance this refrigerator adds to your space. The titanium matte finish of this refrigerator gives it a sparkling aesthetic and super-smooth feel. You can be sure that having it in your kitchen, living area or any other part of your home is sure to add extra beauty to your space.

Similar to stainless steel, titanium matte doesn’t hold stains permanently and does not tarnish or rust. A simple wipe is all it takes to get the NX- 625FFWD refrigerator as glossy as new.

This appliance’s interior design is just as premium as its exterior; featuring tempered glass shelves, max fresh freezer drawers and transparent containers for storage.



Source: PulseNG

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