Nearly three-quarters of all consumers are willing to purchase prescription drugs through Amazon, as the e-commerce giant seeks to tap into a $300 billion market (AMZN) – Finance



  • Amazon is aggressively advancing in healthcare, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of the digital pharmacy PillPack.
  • But are consumers willing to buy drugs through Amazon? A recent study by Deutsche Bank indicates that almost three quarters will be.
  • Consumers are attracted by the possibility that Amazon can offer these drugs at a lower price than usual.

Amazon's acquisition of a digital pharmacy launch PillPack may be the first of many new services that a giant of e-commerce can add to increase its healthcare presence and shake.

It is estimated that the Internet pharmacy space is worth 300 billion dollars and PillPack can allow Amazon to capture a good part of this market.

But before he can fulfill his master plan, there is one big question, which he must answer first: will consumers bite?

Adding new services may be unnecessary if Amazon can not convince its customers to use it. But a new research report from Deutsche Bank shows that consumers are mostly on board with the new Amazon plan.

The report found that 71% of consumers will be ready to buy prescription drugs through Amazon, regardless of the number of drugs they use per month. This number is reduced to 85% of the Board members with insurance and 55% of clients who are not primers with insurance.

The willingness to buy drugs through Amazon seems to decrease with age. Nevertheless, 52% of respondents over 65 years old said that they will buy drugs from the company.

Deutsche Bank found that the main advantage of attracting customers to Amazon is the potential for significantly cheaper prescription drugs.

In a brick and mortar pharmacy, if Amazon additionally introduces pharmacies to Whole Foods stores, Deutsche Bank said it could allow the company to potentially consider using $ 215 billion by putting it on a level with CVS and Walgreens.

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