Mrs Olufunsho easily accessed 5m to start her business – Business

Ms. Olufunsho for a long time the staff of one of the banks of the new generation in Nigeria spent about twenty years in the banking sector, and after 5 years she left work.

Although she earns quite a lot of money a month, she, however, did not have much to show her, and did not strive to ensure that all her hard work over the years was in vain.

Mrs. Olufunsho began to trust some of her very close friends who were doing well, she explained to them her fears and how she really wanted to have another stable source of income before she retired. For five years it did not seem like it was a lot of time, and it bothered her.

One of her friends, Mrs. Chukwu, who for many years tried to convince Mrs. Olufunsho to join her business in the field of clothing and accessories, was very excited about this development. The next challenge, however, was how Ms. Olufunsho was going to raise enough capital to start her own business. She did not have significant savings on her account.

Mrs. Chukwu, an excited and worried friend, suggested that she took a line of credit with her bank, which should offer her a small interest rate as staff. She was sure that she would conveniently deliver the necessary capital.

Mrs. Olufunsho reluctantly thought about getting a loan from her bank, as this would mean that most of her subordinates or colleagues would find out about it. They began to explore the best alternative outside the banking industry, but could not find a viable loan package.

On Monday, when she was about to leave work, she noticed that someone was laughing around her car. Her heart slipped because she thought it was a robber car. She took a few hasty steps forward and realized that it was a skater laying a flyer on the windshield.

Immediately she got to the place where she was parked by the car, she broke off the flyer from the windshield of her car and was going to throw it away when she noticed that it was a flyer for a credit facility that could give her access to 5 million Naira and above. She checked the details and researched about it on the Internet. Credit line was Credit for the purchase of assets, a package of loans offered by Rosabon Financial Services.

The next day, she called one of the phone numbers provided and received detailed information about how this works. All she needed was an advantage to access the amount of capital she needed, which in this case would be her car, and the great thing was that he came at a very low interest rate, even less than her bank would offer her.

She will also still have her car during the repayment period, which is between 6 and 18 months (one and a half years) and definitely after she has finished paying. It was a win-win situation for her.

Mrs. Olufunsho visited the Rosabon financial services office in Lagos the next day with all the documents and other requirements that she was asked to accept. Over the next 48 hours, she was called by an account officer at Rosabon Financial Services, who told her that her loan had just been paid and was true to him, she received a warning a few minutes later.

Three years later, Mrs. Chukwu visited Mrs. Olufunsho in her new store in Lekki, the business was doing well. Mrs. Chukwu joked about how Mrs. Olufunsho was stubborn and skeptical about the business.

You can also access Naira 5 million easily and higher with the Roboton Asset Cash Loan (ACL). Click here to apply. or send an email to [email protected]

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