MLM Success – How to Succeed in Any MLM Business by Utilizing a Funded Proposal System

As a top MLM coach, I have found that most people who start an MLM business fail. This is a harsh statement… but it is the truth.

It does not need to be this way. Most people can build a successful home-based MLM business if they are given the right tools and procedures to follow right from the beginning. It’s just a matter of receiving the correct information and then putting that information to good use!

Here are some important facts:

1. MLM or Network marketing companies pay you for creating sales volume. You create sales volume by a combination of personal sales and recruiting others to sell product and to recruit also. This all takes time, and the money certainly does not roll in fast. Therefore MLM income is “residual” income. Maybe a better way to put it is “long-term” income.

2. It takes a minimum of one to two years for most people to see duplication to start to build in their downline group of distributors. That’s a long time!… and that’s a long time to work and wait for the money to start to get substantial too. A lot of people get frustrated a quit.

3. It is absolutely important to find a way to make cash from your MLM business right from the start. This way you won’t get discouraged with all of the work you are doing and wondering where the money is. The best method to make fast cash in any MLM business is to recruit using a “funded proposal system”.

What is a funded proposal system?

A funded proposal system leads with something of value – for example a MLM Training Ebook. The idea is to sell an eBook that trains your prospect on how to be successful with an MLM business. There are many affiliate programs regarding MLM ebooks that you can promote immediately without any out-of-pocket expense. You make a commission each time you sell an eBook and more importantly, that person that bought the eBook is now in your autoresponder list.

Do you think a list of people that bought a book on how to be successful at MLM is a valuable list for you? You bet it is! These are the best people in the world for you to recruit into your business. They are motivated enough to pay for information that will make them better at what their goal is – to become successful Network marketers!

As you continue to make sales of ebooks and build your list you will automatically send out a series of email messages to everyone in your autoresponder database. These emails will promote you and your particular opportunity. You will have a captive audience who will listen to your recommendations as they get to know you and like you.

You can sell more training ebooks and other items and you can recruit directly from this list… and the best thing is you are getting paid to build your list! As time goes by, people will start enrolling into your main MLM. When they do, you teach these folks about your funded proposal recruiting system… and they in turn teach their recruits!

This is how virtually all MLM leaders do it and you should too. There are many automated systems out there and a few of the best even recruit automatically for you. The funded proposal system is so slick that people sign up into your MLM even before you talk to them! I hope this article has shed some light on how you can become successful in any MLM.

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Source by Dean Rittenhouse

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