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Mentors, Life Coaches, and Inventing


Mentors can be life coaches, and life coaches can be mentors. But they are not always the same. Since this is connected with the invention of something, I emphasize here the importance of having both.

A life coach is one who, as this name describes, trains you in all aspects of life. Fortunately, my parents have a choice. Here are some of them. Interestingly, the two called Scott. The first of two Scots was the best man at my wedding and a close friend (and the Brotherhood of the Brotherhood) in college. He continued to be my room mate even after college, and still remains my closest confidant. He is a trainer for life in every sense of the word. Thinking well, he took me away from some very bad life decisions. He is honest, even if the news that he relays is negative. Like the guy himself, Scott very quickly closes ideas that maybe I don’t need so that my legs aren’t worth moving forward. This is incredibly valuable when it comes to inventing things. Many friends simply offer the typical "support of friends" and confirm your ideas (perhaps with interest in simply moving to another topic). Scott 1; however, it will close me (and keep me down) until I understand its reason. He largely credited me for continuing this project. This is one of the few, in fact, he received approval. LC (Life Coach) number two (second Scott) is also coming back. He is also the brother of the Brotherhood. Is he; though, my brother is the brotherhood of the brotherhood. There must be something that the real trainer of Life sees, a second feeling that clearly points him in the direction of who his subject will be.

For many years we did not keep in touch. When this project approached commercialization; although I thought it was best to contact Scott. Incredible web developer by profession, I needed someone who could help me in this regard. It seemed like we never lost touch. After quite a long time, without informing (life tends to “seize”), Scott still does not hesitate to tell me his opinion on the direction that I take. He dials me back and sets me right course. He is also the idea guy who makes creating something creative a lot easier (and fun). Like the first Scott, he is a real trainer. Natural trainer. In the other two LCs, two of my martial arts trainers can be mentioned. Greg Smith (owner of Bushido MMA in Portsmouth), is a true supporter in the universal forces of good and evil. He likes to learn the cycle of fear. A concept that stresses that without taking action, action may take place (sometimes negative).

Once you fall into the cycle of fear, it is very difficult to take action. Take action quickly; though, and you are in a better position to change the output to a more profitable one. Cru Smith – a real teacher. Dedicated not only to teaching martial arts, but also learning (through your own way of life) how to live a better life. I studied at this school for 7 years, and I have no interest in moving on. In a very similar setting, Brodie Throw appears. One of my original martial arts trainers and a true friend. Here I will point out that it is important to find a Life Coach that lives a positive lifestyle. In the case of Kru Smith and Brody, they are athletes who treat their bodies well. Such a thing tends to wear off on others, and this is an important attribute that can be found in LC. After all, how can you succeed in life if you don’t care about your own?

A mentor, unlike Life Coaches, refers more specifically to a task. They support you with a specific initiative (usually associated with a project), and often time guides you based on your own experience. There are two that come to mind, which is very important for this discussion. The first, James, was my leader in Disney (in particular Cirque and Downtown Disney). James was an even seasoned leader. Never angry (or, at least, did not show him), but nevertheless let you know SPECIALLY that he thought you were doing right and wrong. I sometimes think that James only kept me aboard because he saw me as a "blue sky thinker." I have never been too keen on Disney’s day-to-day business management tasks. But I was constantly suggesting ideas for improvement. Some were stuck, most were not. But I did not stop them voluntarily, and some of them were implemented, and I am very proud of this afternoon. James did not often say “keep up the good work.” He most often inspires me to keep thinking. I remember very well the discovery of Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba, after which I did not order enough items to effectively demonstrate the show. James quickly responded. It drew him from other tasks, and I was terrified of his answer. At this point, you will see the stereo of a typical angry boss. Not this guy. He walked with me (he loved to walk and talk), put a hand on my shoulder and smiled. I think my stress was enough to prove it. He said (and I quote): “Adam, there are more important things to worry about,” “if something happens to a loved one, is it really important to you?”

From that moment on, I worked with him incredibly hard, not because I was no longer hardworking, but to a large extent I never let him go again. It also created an ideology of stress in me, which is a communicable emotion. Another mentor, I emphasize, is very specific to the invention. I cannot stress the importance of finding a true mentor in the field of Invention as soon as possible if you really want to continue commercializing your project. Robert Schütz is the inventor of Float Storage and the owner of Urban Patio Living. He has already received the background in Executive Leadership, so he understands the importance of mentoring. More importantly, he was one of the first people to see potential in this idea. He has been in touch since the very beginning and provides incredible wisdom regarding pitfalls. After all, if you can foresee the pitfalls (learn from someone who has already experienced them), you will be better off with them when they inevitably come. This is a real tutor, and (again) so valuable in this game of IP commercialization. Find someone you can trust, and hopefully find someone who wants to share their experiences.

There are so many friends I could indicate if we had time. Each of them is very supportive, and many of them are mentors and LCs on their own. I cautiously point; although another altar category can be companions. It can be lifelong friends, colleges, wives, husbands, etc., who support you in any initiative, because they value you so highly. Sometimes, because they value you so highly; although they do not necessarily recognize that you are doing right and wrong. Sometimes you need to look beyond this support system to really find a deep honest opinion about which direction you are taking.

Life Coaches and Mentors is a cyclical lifestyle. "What is happening around," plays here. When someone mentor, you probably were mentoring someone else along the way. It is your responsibility to keep this tradition alive and hire someone else.


Source by Adam H Roberts